The Things you Need to Know Regarding Linux Shared Hosting

linux30 The Things you Need to Know Regarding Linux Shared Hosting
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Whether you want to develop your own website for business or for other matters, you need to know that your website is housed on a server. The latter is a computer which is programmed to reply to each call for information or data from the cyberspace. Each server has their own IP addresses which are comprised of 4 numbers which are divided by dots.

The Web Hosting Services of The Magic Host

When you are searching for a reputable company which offers dependable and affordable web hosting services, opt for The Magic Host. This hosting provider offers various types of hosting packages, which are:

• VPS hosting

• Dedicated hosting

• Shared hosting

When you want to avail of low-cost services and cheap terms, go for the shared hosting services of The Magic Host. This is among the most well-known hosting types all over the country. It is related to the plan which registers or enrolls a website into a server. This certain server share similar assets and allocations which are given by a single computer system. When you opt for shared hosting plans, you are putting your one or more websites into a disk space which has been divided equally. Shared host servers also have bandwidth and IP addresses. Your web host makes sure that there is an equivalent disk space and bandwidth allocation each month for all of the websites.

The Magic Host – Providing More Manageable Hosting Services

Opting for the hosting plans of The Magic Host will allow you to avail of its affordable packages. The budget host plans of this hosting provider allow you to avail of great deals. What is more, you will be able to save extra cash compared to the expensive shared hosting deals of other web hosting companies. There are some web hosting solutions which reach up to a thousand accounts in just one server. However, The Magic Host offers as little as 150 accounts within its shared hosting plan. The good thing about minimum accounts within a single server is the opportunity to manage the websites properly. This is because of the server’s capability to look into the proper function of the accounts, what with the small number of the latter. If you ever need technical support, this hosting company will be able to help you 24/7.

The Low-Cost Services of The Magic Host

If you choose to avail of the services of The Magic Host, your website will be hosted, without charging you for setup. You can also have your site repaired for free. You have 99.9 percent uptime, and you are the registrant. If you are not satisfied with the service of The Magic Host, you are entitled to have your money back within a period of thirty days. If you want to include a Reseller Privilege along with the other services, you can do so for such a low price. This Reseller Privilege involves the following:

• Addition of a private or exclusive name server

• Rapid WildCard or SSL

• Dedicated IP

• Support and billing system

• Live chat

• Reseller account

All of these additions are offered for as low as $2 each month. The best thing about the cheap host plan of The Magic Host is the chance for you to avail of services without setup fees. If you want, you can also transfer your website without charges. If you have terms which have not been used, you can buy out these terms from other hosting companies.

Linux Hosting Plans – The Magic Host’s Most Affordable Plan

You can find various operating systems when you go for the virtual host services of The Magic Host. These are the following:

• Oracle

• Windows

• Solaris

• FreeBSD

• Linux

Compared to the other four OS, the Linux host is considered as the most suitable for clients who are running a budget. When you go for the Linux, you are provided with three choices. For one, you are offered with Linux Host Dwarf. The start-up fee for this host is $4.50 each month. Its disk space is 50GB; while its bandwidth is 200GB. The domain name is offered for free. On the other hand, you can also go for the Linux Host Hobbit which is offered for $15 each month. The disk space for this one is 200GB, while its bandwidth is 2,000GB. The Linux Host Elven has a starting fee of $25 each month. Its disk space is 300GB and its bandwidth is 3,000GB. Although you have to pay for monthly fees, The Magic Host does not charge you for setup and domain names.

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