Using a Touch Screen on Linux Operating Systems

Linux10 Using a Touch Screen on Linux Operating Systems
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For most Linux fans the ability of using a touch screen on Linux operating systems could seem like a dream. For a time it seemed that only Windows could be compatible with touch screen drivers. That situation has changed though and will be forever confined to the journals of computing history. Most of the newer Linux versions such as 2.6.30 are today available in the market with touch screen compatibility.

Why would you wish to install a touch screen on Linux systems anyway? Well, modern computer usage has already surpassed the age in which the exclusive input devices were the mouse and the keyboard. We are living in the age of hands-free gadgets from phones to computers. One advantage of using touch screen on Linux is that the new Linux versions already comes with a highly efficient support, especially for multi-touch screens, than any other operating system in the market today. Most users have found it incomparable to a Windows supported application.

At last you can make your interaction with a Linux environment easier and more enjoyable. For those conversant with Linux abilities, you will be impressed by the added capabilities of the system and the speedy, accurate and easy access enabled by a touch LCD screen. A touch screen on Linux systems helps you juggle between schedules, work with tables and slides, push your charts around and call forth a multitude of documents with phenomenal liquidity. It will seem like magic to anyone watching you.

Recent Linux systems have become overly popular since their characteristic feature of a Linux distros has pre-loaded compatible drivers for use with standard touch screen LCD monitors. The best touch screen on Linux brands in the market have a standard package set that includes the drivers, the touch screen pen, an instructions manual, connectivity cable, the touch screen LCD itself and sometimes a Linux software CD. Various touch screen manufacturers will vary in the items they include in their package – making the purchase is your prerogative.

Such a package allows you to install the LCD screen on your computer easily without having to call an expert. If however the installation seems dysfunctional, you can search for detailed installation guides from the touch screen manufacturers’ website or even from the official Linux site. Installing a touch screen on Linux operating systems is never a problem in most cases though.

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