The Origins of Linux – Linus Torvalds

ComputerHistory asked:

[Recorded Sept 19, 2001]
Linus Torvalds, the creator of the operating system phenomenon Linux, tells the story of how he went from writing code as a graduate student in Helsinki in the early 1990s to becoming an icon for open source software by the end of the decade.

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  1. DaWi12345 Says:

    I think that’s awesome, that “home computing” brings the geeks to the public.
    Torvald’s talks are …well …funny. I even like Bill Gates’s talks. He’s funny, too.

    I like this intellectual “flame wars”.

    I like this talks, and I hope you like it, too… whatever OS you use…. as long it’s a *nix :D .

  2. Ericshiz Says:

    SO TRUE!

  3. debiani3866 Says:

    ooh a fw phds huh? dr. torvalds lol

    hey atleast he isnt a drop out like bill gates was

  4. saraph83 Says:

    actually PNG stands for:
    portable network graphic

  5. jamesbrennand Says:

    Hell yeah!

  6. Ezcut Says:

    yeah , Tux kick ***…Power to the people ,,, Linux FTW!

  7. theCamelCase Says:

    To whom were you referring?

    Also, negative recursive acronyms are cool.

  8. theCamelCase Says:

    Correct. And certainly X was crucial. Hurd’s development has remained nearly stagnant since Linux’s conception simply because the FSF doesn’t care–after all, Torvalds licensed Linux under the GPL. I’d say GNU was more important, but I’m only annoyed that Linux is portrayed as the *only* component–with disregard for GNU and other software. Also, Revolution OS looks interesting–I’d never heard of it, so thanks.

  9. Dojan5 Says:


  10. Laoch111 Says:

    The good old recursive acronyms. I too did not know about PNG meaning that.

  11. Dojan5 Says:

    I had no idea about PNG meaning PNG is Not GIF, but I knew about GNU is Not Unix.
    Are there any more like those, such as WINE Is Not an Emulator?

  12. Heggrik Says:

    anyone claiming that linux isn’t an operating system is clearly not that into computers. Linux incorporated his own kernel with the gnu programs. Though after discovering that those gnuprograms werent sufficent wrote his own programs (own isn’t realy true since he actually got help from thousands of people). Thus the gnu parts of linux were rewritten or replaced.

  13. lordmetroid Says:

    GNU means GNU is Not Unix, one of Stallman’s personal jokes on inheritance. Like PNG meaning PNG is Not GIF.

  14. stryix Says:

    Yeah I have heard of Hurd. You mean the microkernel that is not production ready and has switched the possible kernel around numerous times and has yet to work properly?

    In terms of claiming GNU is more important? Well that is more complicated. It was not just the GNU programs and the linux kernel that made it a good operating system. Apache, X Windows, samba and numerous other programs are what brought the bulk of the users.

    Go watch revolution OS.

  15. mrrotweiler2 Says:

    OS or not aside, hes a TRUE visionary compared to the overrated sad git that usually gets called that, guess WHO im referring to, btw 16k ram deff is NOT enough ^^

  16. theCamelCase Says:

    I think you misunderstood me: A) GNU would NOT have remained “simple tool programs”. Ever heard of Hurd? B) Torvalds WAS important; GNU was more. C) “We” did NOT name “the” OS after him.

  17. jamesandthegiantpea Says:

    sorry if Linus never took up the kernel project himself, gnu would remain simple tool programs. If Linus was not at all important then why did we all name the os after him?

  18. Dojan5 Says:

    Correct. But doesn’t Linus work at GNU?
    I’m also rather annoyed over Linux being called a operating system. Then Mach is too.

  19. theCamelCase Says:

    Torvalds did NOT invent the Linux “operating system”.Linux is NOT an operating system; it is a kernel. The Gnu project contributed more code to the GNU/Linux operating system than Torvalds did. Linus Torvalds is pretty cool, though :)

  20. nakorico Says:

    ok that’s what i thought and thank you for taking the time and replying to my comment

  21. ComputerHistory Says:

    Hello – We frequently get asked how we’re able to upload videos longer than 10 minutes. The Computer History Museum has a partner level relationship with YouTube that allows us to upload very long videos because of their historic and educational value. Partner level accounts are not available to most YouTube members. We’re very grateful to YouTube for their support in helping us bring the stories of Computer History to so many people!
    Bob Sanguedolce
    VP, Technology
    Computer History Museum

  22. nakorico Says:

    ok thanks for taking the time to reply to my msgs

  23. ramoj02 Says:

    idk..but all i know is they compress it…


  24. nakorico Says:

    how or what program should i use i always upload .mpg4 on all my other chanels

  25. ramoj02 Says:

    compressed the video


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