Serious Red Hat Linux Commercial

indianinside asked:

First they ignore you…
Then they laugh at you…
Then they fight you…
Then you win…

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  1. darthvesgo Says:

    Very well-done commercial!!!

  2. thtrgremlin Says:

    Nearly the entire base system is Gnu. It makes more sense to call it the Gnu OS than Linux OS. Nobody writes software for Linux, most everything is built for Gnu libraries. It is cool how much attention Linux gets, but I don’t think there is much of anyone that could explain the difference between a Kernel and a hardware abstraction layer.

  3. thtrgremlin Says:

    It is weird. Linux is the Kernel, and Gnu is the operating system, but I think the big thing is that Linus is cool, and RMS is a bit of an asshole, and Linux is just a better name. :)

  4. ryuchao009 Says:

    ultimately linux is the future. As more people begin to code for it, there will be no limits on its potential. and its nature of frequent kernel updates insures its security and ability to adapt.

  5. LlLJAMIE Says:

    Amazing commercial, love it xD.

  6. michinobu Says:

    What weird commercial! lol. “Come here, I want you,” said the guy on the commercial to the other guy.

  7. devoil Says:

    does anyone know the backing music? I’ve heard it a few times and wanted to know if someone had any info on it

  8. linuxtron Says:

    Still i think we should credit the guys behind it, All my code is already GPL, so i am making it better.

  9. caiocc12adul Says:

    i think that instead of wasting your time discussing if it is Linux or GNU/Linux, you could be contributing some code to make it better.

  10. FinalMacPro Says:

    Nobody cares I wish they would just name the whole thing Linux and then call the kernel “Linux Kernel”. Nobody cares about the idea of GNU and that fat ugly man called Richard Stallman. It’s *** no wonder Steven Fry did a video on it.

  11. linuxtron Says:

    I don’t know why the people almost always call it linux ? it’s GNU/Linux ! Linux is only the kernel ! We GNU/Linux users know that almost all the apps that run under the linux Kernel are GNU licensed i.e GPL . So I think that the GNU project should be given credit and mentioned as the official name of the system is GNU/Linux , do a `uname -o` and you’ll see it :-) i.e -o is for operating system.

  12. simonbour Says:

    holy shitt…amazing ad!

  13. lotienestodo Says:

    google servers are linux!! looooooooooooooooooooooool!!! jaja you are here(50 years ago)

  14. glaurung78 Says:

    I don’t think the commercial is about Linux on the desktop, though IMHO linux is already strong there.
    RedHat makes money mostly by selling linux to companies. Linux has a lot greater market share there than in the desktop for many years now. Also many people learn about linux in universities. This is how linux survived when almost nobody knew about it.
    As for the desktop, when you see so many cheap netbooks coming with linux preinstalled, everybody will understand it is easier to use than MS.

  15. dexterkris Says:

    Nice ad

  16. redhatlinux06 Says:

    My company let 2 Windows system admin go last week cuz they don’t know Linux.

  17. shermanramni Says:

    Evidence says otherwise. Almost every non-nerd friend I have is favorably surprised when shown Ubuntu with its graphical effects and load of apps for everyday use. So much that Dell decided to sell a good chunk of its desktops and laptops with Ubuntu preinstalled.
    I do realize that Linux stills lack things in order to “win”, but the current level of user friendliness, power and compatibility makes it enough for the average user. And that’s a great achievement.

  18. evanct Says:

    i’m all for open source and i use linux on my home computer, but this ad is kind of pretentious.

  19. Thenextspielberg1987 Says:

    Linux has not won. It wont win until developers get smarter and start making it more (stupid) user friendly. It wont win until business men get out there and sell it. It wont win until there is a large selection of PROFESSIONAL applications for it back by professional companies.

    I use Linux and would love to see it “win” but it IS currently for computer nerds (like myself) who know how to use it, and have specific needs.

  20. S1337ghost Says:

    I think that linux is going to take over more and more PC’s, everyone finds that vista sucks, if thy don’t change the way on making windows 7 people will still find it to **** and XP will be to old to use, that leaves only 2 options linux or mac osX

  21. mbatman72 Says:

    Uh-huh. Just because you put it with quotes of Gandhi and MLK doesn’t mean it is going to happen. Linux is a very good OS for certain markets, but for your everyday average home computer it will never pass Windows and Mac.
    There’s a reason that it still has less than 1% market share.

  22. retnuh66 Says:

    Too bad red hat linux ***** =P

    Good ad though.

  23. CCmachine Says:

    the only reason Linux isn’t a household name is the failure of the government’s anti-monopoly laws…

  24. Gradius0 Says:

    The rocket was able to leave the Earth thanks to the Hidrogen only.

  25. impresor37 Says:

    right, linux is the biggest enemy of microsoft, their most serious threat. Every day linux is getting better and better, so far is easy to use, even by me. its beautifull also with better performance and is more secure than windows. I think linux will end the microsoft dominance over the desktop, if microsoft doesnt respond with an os like xp. thanks.

    p.d. I switch from windows to linux in my bussines and it save me lots of money.

    thanks linux you are the best.


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