Recovery Gets Easy Using Linux Data Recovery Software!

linux76 Recovery Gets Easy Using Linux Data Recovery Software!
Kelly Mills asked:

Linux is a great operating system which is having various unique capacities that is not available in other operating system. It has capacities for high capacity data maintenance, multi user and multi tasking capacities which are very essential for today’s world where there is a huge amount of data as well as information which need to store in the computer. Linux is perfect suitable for these kind of thing and is used for a long time in the high capacities servers. Data loss is a very risky thing which occurs in all the operating system and unfortunately it happens in Linux operating systems too. We generally think that once the data lost can’t recover forever and it was true till there was not any solution for this kind of problem. As programmers and developers felt this problem, they made the software which can rescue all the lost data.

If you are using the Linux based computer systems then you might face the following problems:

• Lost or Corrupted MBR

• Lost or Corrupted Super Block

• Lost or Corrupted Inode Table

• Deletion of files or folders

• Root Directories corruption

• Corrupted BGD (Block Group Descriptor)

Finally they made software which has capacity to recover all the data and named it as Linux data recovery software. This software can recover the files after:

• Files get removed by virus attack

• Files get removed due to power failure

• Files get removed due to system failure

• Files get removed due to human error

• The volume is reformatted even with a different operating system

• Change or damage in volume structure

• Presence of bad sectors on the disk

The Linux data recovery Software has a very intuitive graphical interface which is an on-screen wizard that will guide you to perform all the necessary steps for data recovery. The Linux data recovery software has the TurboScan technology and some adjustable tweaks which can make the recovery process much faster than before. It needs windows 2000, XP or 2003 as a host operating system. The software supports Ext2FS and Ext3FS file system. It has disk imaging and cloning capacities. The Disk Imaging helps in create image files that can be used as a regular disk. The Disk Cloning option allow the cloning the faulty disk to a healthy disk.

You can have various file transfer options with the Linux data recovery software. You can save the recover files on the other system of network. Moreover you can save the files on the remote FTP location also. It also performs the logical volume management (LVM) support for Linux volumes. It is available as demo version and License version. Demo is available for free and you have to purchase the License version. Different Licenses are available for different kind of users and you can choose it from them.

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