Mistaken Formatting in a Dual Boot System and Linux Recovery

linux59 Mistaken Formatting in a Dual Boot System and Linux Recovery
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A dual boot or multi boot is a system in which two operating systems are installed on a single hard drive, letting you boot from either of the operating system. The boot loader is a program which allows you to have dual booting.

General combination of operating systems exercised in dual booting includes Linux and Windows. The dual booting allows you to use features and functions of both of the operating systems on a single computer. Dual boot systems are mostly useful for programmers and testers.

Although, dual boot systems are very useful but sometimes they can also cause several problems. A minor mistake made by the user while making a dual boot system can lead to the several catastrophic problems.
A common mistake made by the users, while making a dual boot system, is selecting “prepare hard drive” option. This option appears you when you install Windows operating system on a Linux system, in order to make it multi boot.

When you use this option, all of the hard drive partitions and stored data gets deleted. After that new partitions are created and the operating system is installed. When the installation will complete, you will have a blank hard drive without any operating system and data. Everything, which was previously stored on the hard drive, will be deleted.

Data loss and hard drive partition loss is the worst case scenario which a computer user, either general or professional, could face. It can cause several nightmares and can possibly put you out of the business.

In such circumstances, it becomes really important to recover your precious data from the formatted hard drive to save you and your business. The data recovery in these cases needs to be performed for the Linux data.

The data recovery Linux is possible through the use of Linux data recovery software. Linux recovery software is the applications, offered by the several data recovery companies, to handle all the data loss situations.

A powerful data recovery Linux software does a thorough scan of the hard drive and extracts data up to the maximum level of possibility. To ensure the absolute Linux data recovery, selecting powerful Linux recovery software of trusted brand is worth.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery software is the most influential hard drive recovery software provided by the most trusted name of the data recovery industry- Stellar. This software is able to attend all the data loss scenarios and recover data in a quick and easy way.

This Linux Recovery software is extremely powerful and easy to use so that you can carry out Linux data recovery without having any sound technical knowledge. This software supports all the Linux file systems such as Ext2, Ext3 and ReiserFS.


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