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linux51 Online Casinos for Linux players
Michelle Jonson asked:

While many online casinos and poker rooms are beginning to make their software compatible with Macintosh operating systems, Linux compatible programs are still definitely in the minority and a little more difficult to find.

Linux is often forgotten in the world of online casinos but there are a few casinos online that are opening the doors for Linux users.

CasinoRoom (, ( and ( now offer software that is compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

Until recently, it was easier to play casino games on a mobile phone than on a Linux computer but no longer. Players won’t feel like they’re getting second rate quality, either, all of these versions are identical to the software available to the Windows users.

The trend is starting and this definitely won’t be the end.

CasinoRoom and even offer Linux compatible poker rooms with and

Online-Casino offers two different types of Linux compatible software; a completely free flash games version and the standard program in which players can choose real money or practice money play.

Linux is a free source operating system. Unlike Windows and Macintosh, Linux software is free and available to anyone who wants to use, or modify, the code.

The market for Linux is steadily increasing and expected to continue its rapid upward growth. Conventionally, Linux users were technically oriented programmers. Today, though, the availability and cost of the software is leading it into mainstream markets. Many corporations have begun to convert their companies to Linux-based operating system computers.

Online casinos are seeing the growth and Linux-compatible software is also growing with the market. Casino analysts, like Mary Hughes, believe that Linux users will have no problem finding an online casino that is compatible in a few years.

“Now, Linux users don’t have much of a choice, although the options they do have are very high-quality and nice. In a few years, all of the casinos will have Linux-compatible programs, I guarantee it,” Hughes said.

Many online casino flash versions are currently compatible with Linux although they are for fun, and not real money play.

Like Linux, a few years ago there were no online casinos that were compatible with Macintosh operating systems. The market share and popularity of macintosh began to increase and the casino industry jumped on the bandwagon. Mac compatible online casinos are growing daily. Experts believe that Linux is the next frontier in the online gambling industry.

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