For Netbook Users – Which Linux?

linux29 For Netbook Users   Which Linux?
John Kessler asked:

If you are a Windows XP user, you’re forgiven if you don’t know that within the term “Linux”, there are actually several other types Linux operating systems. As the netbook grows and as more buyers opt for the cheaper Linux models, it is important to note what type of Linux has been installed on your netboook.

A version of the Linux operating system is actually called a “distribution”. The first netbook manufacturer to make Linux accessible for everyday users was Asus, who incidentally started the whole netbook craze when it introduced the Eee PC line of laptops.

Eee PC On Xandros

If you’re using an Eee PC, then you are using the Xandros distribution of Linux. Xandro is an easy to use system with built-in applications needed for working, communicating and playing with your desktop. It installs on computers in just four clicks.

Dell Mini 9 On Ubuntu

Ubuntu is actually best used on desktops and servers but Dell has it on its Dell Mini 9. It’s hard to say though if Dell Linux users are happy with their netbooks. On the bright side, Canonical, the official commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, recently showed off netbooks running on Ubuntu Netbook Remix, a Linux distribution that allows netbook users to turn their netbooks into touchscreen tablet PCs.


MSI surprisingly fits its Linux models with Novell’s SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED), which is actually one of the best Linux distribution around. Unlike the funky user-interface of Xandros, SLED is a no-nonsense, top-notch Operating System made specifically for non-technical users. However, MSI wind Linux users have been found four times more likely to return their netbooks than Windows XP users. The cause is apparently a combination of these factors: (a) the buyers were former Windows XP users who are so used to Microsoft’s standard user-interface, (b) compatibility issues between OS and peripheries like the web camera.

If you have been a Windows XP user all your life, it might be challenging to switch to Linux. It really has nothing to do with Linux. Many computer users are so used to using Windows, it’s difficult to change paradigms and discover how a Linux netbook (depending on its distribution), should be used.

At any rate,if you want a stable computer that is malware and virus-free, give Linux netbooks a chance.

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