Microsoft Surface Demo @ CES 2008

GerbilGod7 asked:

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  1. reaction7281 Says:

    ya right… an iphone can only dream of being this sick

  2. reaction7281 Says:


  3. thedarkcow64 Says:

    looks very expensive.i can get an iphone or itouch or any other similarity to this for under 1000 dollars

  4. F3liX75 Says:

    does anyone know how much is it??

  5. DesertClaw95 Says:

    My God….

    It’s a huge Iphone!!!

  6. electrickhalifa Says:

    What microsoft should do is find away too make this around $500-$1000 because millions of people would buy it if it was alot cheaper than most other touchscreen computers. Also i dont think many other companies will be able to advance touch screen technology as much as “Surface” has.

  7. PainReaperSwe Says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t eat potato ships or chicken wings when using you computer..? I’m sure your “grease” problem will go away then.. ;p
    *read with irony*

  8. PainReaperSwe Says:

    Yeah.. That would be kinda sad actually.. /:

  9. PainReaperSwe Says:

    Oh don’t get me wrong.. I agree with you there!!! This is amazing and absolutely breath taking! This is definitely a big step when it comes to evolving the touch screen capability and it does, without doubt, make my iPhone 3G look like a cheap ass toy ^^.. I love this new touch screen era that’s starting to grow and this is probably in the lead by far!

  10. SonGanon Says:

    but he does have a point about Microsoft perfecting this.

  11. SonGanon Says:

    if u didn’t hear correctly its mostly for biz. So its not for you to own now, but for u to go and experience. And help you out if you go to a certain place. So for example a place in the mountains where you go snowboarding.

  12. thomasgrayling Says:

    greasy computer screen? no thanks.

  13. Velet66 Says:

    I don’t know if my previous comment made it or not but this technology costs about $200 dollars to make.

    search: Jeff Han on TED Talks
    on youtube

  14. OHSiNGJENN Says:

    Yes, this is cool, but who would want to spend 10,000 dollars on something that can easily break, and thats just for fun???

  15. ultrablade Says:

    I can picture a virtual keyboard and virtual air hockey :)

  16. PainReaperSwe Says:

    Calm down friend, I don’t mean to say one’s better than the other.. They both use each others ideas all the time and make tweaks and improvements to them.. I’ve used PC all my life, just used Mac for a few month.. I had a lot of problems with Vista and don’t like it (but it still looks good though).. I think both Windows and Mac are good, it’s all just depends on the users needs and preferences.. So nothing ill intended with my previous post.. (=

  17. MCKiran Says:

    mate, im a vista fan who works for dell and owns a latitude, a macbook pro and an iphone, so dont think im bias. but microsoft perfected the touchscreen technology long before apple did.

  18. Ormaaj Says:

    And you can be absolutely certain that Microsoft will do everything in their power to prevent compatibility with any competing technology. Thus, making the entire thing worthless.

  19. lukedee12 Says:

    pretty amazing idea

  20. triforcebrad Says:

    I’m with Micros ft all the way, Apple sucks. But, Microsoft didn’t do too good on this one. Trust me, I’ve used one. They have them at Disneyland, no joke. It’s only cool for like 5-10 minutes and it is VERY laggy. It’s cool, don’t get me wrong, but it’s very overhyped. And anyway I’ve hear it’ll cost like $10,000 to get one I’ve heard, so it’s probably more of a business machine.

  21. iliekwaffles Says:

    Wow…just wow.

  22. tommytmt Says:

    Guy’s a good snowboard designer…

  23. ScrubySauce Says:

    fyi this has been in the making for like 5 years so ya

  24. simozonelayer Says:

    An awesome concept and certainly executed very well here in a ‘closed’ environment. If it can be this solid in the wild I can only hope to see it everywhere soon.


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