Classic Hits by Microsoft Songsmith: “Creep” by Radiohead

azz100c asked:

Here’s what Radiohead’s hit “Creep” would sound like if they’d used Microsoft Songsmith. Original vocal track from the 1992 recording, everything else by Microsoft Songsmith. For more, see MOCKSESSION.COM!


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  1. opietme119622 Says:

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  2. snigel9696 Says:

    Could not agree more!! :P

  3. Cypern Says:

    Well he cant sing…but its better than the original

  4. HenryNavarre Says:

    The Beatles were innovative in that they occupied a unique time in the development of music when Rock and Roll was fairly new. Simply because they don’t have the same impact as The Beatles does not mean they cannot be compared or be equally awesome. If Creep is your impression of Radiohead then please look at their entire catalog of music because it’s amazing!

  5. JoeyRec Says:

    Yes they can be compared. I am a obsessed with music, and all music is subjective. If you actually listen to all of their albums.. and recent music you would understand how innovative and influential they are.

  6. rsadlier Says:

    as a HUGE beatles fan, i think radiohead is actually more innovative in some ways. but, it is nearly impossible to beat the fab four’s songwriting and george martin’s arrangements.

  7. Fallenvirtue Says:

    Radiohead may not have the impact of the Beatles, but they also have to compete with the fact that rock and roll isn’t a “new hip” thing. Radiohead has shown they have a deep understanding of the soul of music, just as Pink Floyd and such. To call them a bad band is just… well, dumb. Steely Dan is fine, but Soul Coughing… eh.

  8. razorlikeblue Says:

    This song doesn’t make me want to cut my wrists anymore! It’s so upbeat now.

  9. halub Says:

    nice but I suspect the author of NOT setting the happy slider to full

  10. MomoTheBellyDancer Says:

    Sorry, but radiohead cannot be compared to either The Beatles or Pink Floyd. They wish. I have no clue who Soulja Boy is, but I like Steely Dan and Soul Coughing a lot. Does that count?

  11. Fallenvirtue Says:

    Anyone that doesn’t appreciate the musical genius of Radiohead most likely doesn’t appreciate bands like the Beatles or Pink Floyd. You’re probably a fan of Soulja Boy, lol :D

  12. Condor24x7 Says:

    Songsmith sucks eyesnot out of baboon corneas!

  13. arpace Says:

    song smith sucks crap out of mules ass

  14. MomoTheBellyDancer Says:

    Much better than the original. Not that there’s much to it, since Radiohead is one hell of a bad band.

  15. Supersmurf62 Says:

    The korn version is better, to me at least…

  16. hyphz Says:

    Yea, it’s really odd it messed this one up so badly – because the REAL song is only four chords repeated! (G, B, C, Cm) By the way that is not a criticism, I love the song :)

  17. SANTARII Says:

    Reminds me of Bill Bailey doign cockney versions of rock songs.

  18. TaoTeMaestro Says:

    These songsmith tracks can be hard to take. It’s weird that it gets the key right, but the progression completely wrong.

  19. CoyoteJack2 Says:

    wow o..0 makes it sound pretty epic, kinda an easy listening version. It actually follows the voice almost perfectly

  20. iamthepinkylifter Says:

    the chorus cracks me up

  21. Vik1256 Says:

    it sounds kind of happy isn’t it?

  22. ciucinciu Says:

    this is so wrong..

  23. whosyourgrandpa Says:

    wow, i didn’t think that the original could have gotten any worse.

  24. geekfriki Says:

    This version is horrible, Microsoft songsmiths sucks!

    To the hell!


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