Microsoft Access in Today’s Business

Microsoft Microsoft Access in Todays Business
Microsoft Access Developers – Data Gopher asked:

I have designed databases and custom scripts in Microsoft Access to carry-out a wide-range of different functions to meet business requirements from small mom and pop companies to large international corporations. The applications that I have designed throughout my career involved everything from pulling specific data from world-wide ERP systems to enable users to perform targeted analysis to creating an all-in-one business solution that integrated the entire Microsoft Office Suite and could perform functions that would typically hours to perform in seconds with the simple click of a button.

Microsoft Access is a very cost-effective tool that integrates perfectly with the most popular office software in the world (Microsoft Office). Programs can be integrated effectively and flawlessly with such applications as Excel for charts, pivot tables and graphs, Word for mail merges and labels, Outlook for automated e-mails, PowerPoint for automated presentations etc.

I presently have started my own company (Data Gopher), which can be found at My company does provide a number of cost-effective business solutions through the use of Microsoft Access. MS Access is more than just a stand-alone database application, which it is arguably mostly known for, it offers a wealth of data functions. One of the greatest assets that I have utilized it for throughout my career has been extracting data from ERP systems to give users the flexibility to produce their own reports and pinpoint the exact datasets that they need. Operations such as this can save a company 10s of thousands of dollars from eliminating the need of having an upgrade performed on an ERP system and paying the additional support fees.
The thing that I have learned from my experience as a Microsoft Access developer is that when it comes to data related operations, there is very little that Microsoft Access is incapable of doing. Access offers a wealth of power when it comes to a company’s business requirements. The capabilities of Microsoft Access are overlooked many times and more expensive technologies are used instead. These more expensive technologies typically cost a substantial amount of money whenever upgrades and enhancements are needed. The big benefit of having a Microsoft Access application is that enhancements are generally very cost-effective and less time-consuming to perform.

If your company is in the process of looking at different technologies to perform various data functions whether it is data extraction, data marts, custom reports etc. consider Microsoft Access as a realistic solution. It is an application that is self-contained, integrates well with Oracle, SQL. . Net, MS Office and other applications, it also does not require any type of monthly service fees. It additionally integrated flawlessly with the most popular office suite in the world. A complete business solution that entails data analysis, mailing lists, Power Point Presentations, charts and graphs etc. can be developed with Microsoft Access that is not only cost effective but offers powerful customized solutions for today’s business.

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