Choosing your Hosting Platform (linux or Windows)

linux31 Choosing your Hosting Platform (linux or Windows)
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As more and more people fire up web pages for their businesses or their personal enjoyment, there are continuous questions about which hosting platform is the best choice. Most experts agree that when it comes to choosing between Linux and Windows for your web server software, the final decision really depends on the preferences of the individual. Here are some of the main differences between the two, and what that might mean for your web pages.

Familiarity. Windows is the product of Microsoft, and Microsoft has proven that it is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to common usage. This has come about largely due to ingenious marketing strategies, but the end result is that the Windows operating system is the most used in the world. It stands to reason, then, that the Windows server software would have a certain amount of appeal as the functions are familiar to any computer user.

Usability. Aside from marketing, the straightforward approach of the Windows system has also contributed to its popularity. “Wizards” wait to help at any turn, tool bars are click-accessible, and you can have several programs running at once and easy to recall. Because of the ease of use, Windows software is usually a better option for those new to programming.

Built in software. Windows platforms come with everything you need to fire up a web site, including email applications. Again, this software platform is much easier for the newer programmer than setting up one’s own applications.


Price. The most commonly cited pro about Linux platforms is their price. Linux is open source software, meaning that it has no intellectual property restrictions and thus skips the expense of copyright. Many would say that the Linux platform is the perfect complement to the idea of the Internet.

Reliability. Linux has proven to be reliable in almost all areas a web master might be concerned about, from security against hackers to guards against memory leaks over time.

Support options. As Linux itself is essentially free as far as intellectual property, it should come as no surprise that the platform supports some of the most popular free systems out there, including PHP and Myself.

Most of the weaker areas in either of the web hosting platforms can be mitigated according to the hosting company a web master chooses for a site. Price, your level of expertise in computer programming, and which features you want supported on your site will ultimately be the criteria upon which your choice is made.

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