Linux Web Hosting Vs Windows Web Hosting

linux11 Linux Web Hosting Vs Windows Web Hosting
gardnerwilkinson asked:

When you are ready to search for a host for your web business online, there is a big dilemma that you need to seize by the horns: Linux or Windows?

In this context, it is easy to fall into the popular debate of which platform is better. Linux votaries may have a hundred brickbats to throw at Windows, and vice versa. Debates apart, what system is best for YOU? Many people take a decision depending on whatever platform is installed on their personal PC. This is rather short sighted. In short, there really is no need to take sides. Rather, the basic criterion for your selection should be based on what platform helps you the most. Real requirements of your site must be considered.

Windows web hosting: If your website uses any components or technologies that are Windows compatible, then it is advisable to go for Windows hosting plans. That way, you can easily run ASP, ASP.Net, MS Sql and other Windows scripting applications. Of course, these days it is possible to get Windows applications that are compatible with Linux server, but, to garner the full power of Windows, it is recommended that you go for a Windows based platform. If you are using additional services like Microsoft’s Sharepoint or MS Access, Windows platform is the only choice.

Linux web hosting: Linux servers are known to possess remarkable power and stability. If you use platform independent languages like PHP and MySql, you are better off with a Linux server. These servers are able to take the load of several simultaneous queries provided they are administered properly. Linux based databases like MySql and PostgreSql are relational databases. They are inexpensive and very efficient. Unless your server experiences very heavy load, these databases perform exceptionally well.

Linux servers have a reputation for dependability. This is because they often maintain a very high uptime of 99.9%. This is also one of the reasons for the compelling attraction of Linux website hosting servers.

Linux and its supporting technologies are open source technologies. Because of this, these are not expensive. On the other hand, Windows is developed by Microsoft at very high operative costs and Microsoft makes it mandatory to obtain their license before you can use the Windows server. This is why Windows systems are so expensive, while Linux is comparatively cheap. Additionally, Linux offers the greatest of ease when it comes to switching over to Windows system. Linux is also open to easy upgrades and can easily accommodate the changing requirements of the user.

To sum it up, Windows hosting plans are generally 20% costlier than Linux plans. So, if you do not need some unique features for your website like a searchable database or a chat facility, then Linux hosting servers perform beautifully and flawlessly. In the end, it all depends on what YOU want, not on the merits and demerits of the server.

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