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Maria asked:

It was originally designed for the Intel x86 platforms. Now, it is also available for Intel, Mac, alpha, various embedded devices, and a lot of other platforms. Linux is actually a UNIX like operating system which is very consistent, reliable, steady, stable, and flexible. It is used on personal computers, workstations, servers, routers and almost, every other computing platform. Linux is multi-user and multi tasking so it can perform virtually every job or set of jobs rapidly and efficiently. Linux is as influential as any other operating system, and most significantly it is free. Linux was created to be a free substitute to UNIX. This feature enables Linux to significantly boost its user base and to be supported and used by large organizations and even the governments. As it is an open source and technically it is very strong it is widely being used by the users.

A student of the University of Helsinki Linus , Torvalds started the Linux project. He worked to construct a UNIX-like operating system prepared with extra features than MINIX. He produced a Linux kernel that may possibly work with UNIX applications and in 1991; he released his first kernel for the Intel x 86 platforms, which was broadly distributed or dispersed over the internet. A kernel is the heart of any operating system and the “Linux kernel” was built to work like UNIX but there is no use of any of the UNIX code. This is why Linux is not actually the UNIX.
Facts behind choosing Linux hosting for a website:

There is a high security, constancy and dependability of performance in Linux operating system. Linux ( ) has been in a state of continuous modification since its foundation thirty (30) years before, and is stand on unwrap values, permiting trouble-free entrance to operating system features and submissions. Linux is working only with text it does not applies on Graphical User Interface. Without graphical Interface, it has the ability and enormous control of the server to our website.

Linux Web Hosting Qualities:

1. MS FrontPage 2000, 2002

2. Flash

3. Shockwave

4. Real Audio/Video

5. Cgi Scripts

6. PHP

7. SSH (Secure Telnet)

8. MySQL

9. Web-Based Control System

10. Anonymous FTP

11. Web Site Graphical Statistics

12. Web-Based Email System

13. Miva/XML

14. Cold Fusion

15. ASP (Active Server Pages)

Script Languages

CGI Scripts are written in a number of scripts languages which are accessible for Linux mechanism but the most familiar script languages are (PERL) & (PHP).

Obtainable Database

Databases are founded in countless tastes which is made for Linux and can be run on Linux but the most significant amng all the web hosting suppliers are given below:

• Postgre SQL

• My SQL

• mSQL

Relational Nature is founded in all these types of databases. Therefore, they allow vastly optimized connectivity and communication with your website for rapid repossession of information.


Now, there will be no doubt in this fact that Linux is superior than Unix.

Our Message for General Public

We have been offering skilled position hosting services for thousands of business entities and Information Technology experts like you. We dedicate ourself to and recommend only Linux based hosting solutions for inhabitants who demand their website be inherent in a quick, trustworthy servers with the most steady operating system in the world.

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