Linux Web Hosting Explained

linux132 Linux Web Hosting Explained
Anna Berk asked:

While choosing web hosting service provider for your future or already existing web site you will be confronted with the main dilemma – type of the web server platform that you will use for hosting your web site.

It is significant, that the choice of web hosting platform should be based not on the commonly known facts related debates about what hosting platform is better, but on real requirements of your web site. And all the more, the operating system installed on your home computer shall not determine your choice of web hosting platform, as if you have Windows on your machine you can use Linux (Unix) web hosting services.

To make a long story short, if your site uses functions of ASP, ASP.NET, MSSQL, any other Microsoft specific applications, apparently you should search for a Windows hosting provider that offer web hosting service on Windows server platfrom.

But if your web site mainly uses and is oriented towards PHP, Perl, MySQL etc, if it is written in HTML – your choice will be Unix (Linux) web hosting.

Here we will describe the advantages and peculiarities of Unix (Linux) web hosting.

One can have every reason to believe that Unix (Linux) web hosting is known as one of the most powerful and stable solutions for web hosting services. This is so because of the fact that when the server is being administered correctly, Unix (Linux) web server platform may handle higher number of simultaneous queries both to web and MySQL web servers.

Web hosting services on Unix (Linux) platform are remarkable for high stability and productivity. Qualitative and reliable web server equipment, licensed software and twenty-four-hour monitoring of web hosting servers and professional technical support and customer care team will give you a confidence in your web hosting services.

To crown it all, web hosting services are often provided on LAMP bunch (operating system Linux with web server Apache, dataset management system MySQL and support of interpretive programming languages PHP/Perl) that represents one of the most popular and essential solution in web hosting area.

Unix (Linux) is one of the most stable and what is more important not expensive solutions that is known for its steadiness to loads and high percentage of uptime.

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