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linux66 Linux on the PS3 Sony Playstation
Mario Pesce asked:

The Sony PS3 is sold as console for gaming, but the Sony Playstation 3 actually is also a powerful PC which allows to install an alternative Operating System such as Linux..

People usually use the console fto play games, but the PS3 console can offer much more. If you install Linux on PS3 you will be able to use your PS3 console also as another computer.

However we must mention one problem. In March Sony disabled the “Other Os” feature with the new firmware v3.21. The update is not mandatory, but customers who decide not to install it, would be cut off from a number of other features such as signing in to PlayStation Network.

A class action suit was filed on April against Sony for the “intentional disablement of the valuable functionality originally advertised as available”
To conclude the Linux installation is still possible, but you should be aware that you will not be able to use some other PS3 features.

There are many benefits that can be achieved by installing Linux on a PS3 such as:

You can use various protocols which are not supported on PS3. The PS3 Operating System allows you to read and recognize just a few protocols. If you install Linux your machine will be able to recognize and read many new data formats such as WMV, Quicktime and many other ones. Web-Browsing will be faster. Linux based browsers ares by far better than the native PS3 web-browser. You will be able to browse the Internet in a much more efficient and faster way. Word Processing. Linux will give you the ability to do your word processing and to print directly from your PS3. You will be able to install and use word processors such Open Office, and many other ones. If you connect your printer to the PS3, you will be able to use it to print out files and pictures. Many Additional Applications on PS3. The installation of Linux on your PS3 will give you the ability to install and use any Linux compatible application. If you install a Windows emulator on Linux you will be able to add also Windows applications,

The installation of Linux on PS3 will allow you to use Dual-Boot and to choose which Operating System you want to run at start-up. You will be able to use Linux for your daily computing activities and the PS3 factory Operating System for gaming.

Many are worried that the installation of Linux might make the PS3 warranty invalid, but it has been found that the Linux installation on your PS3 will not void you warranty at all since the installation of another
Operating System on a PS3 is not considered a risky activity.

After reading the above benefits of installing Linux on PS3 take into consideration that Sony constructed the PS3 with 8 CPU cores and this makes the PS3 a multi-functional supercomputer.Even the US Army has recently decided to buy more than 100 PS3 for building a super computer, The Installation of Linux on it will allow you to make full use of this possibility.

An easy way to install Linux on the PS3 is to first install a program that will eventually install Linux. One of the best examples is PS3 Magic that will guide you step by step until Linux is fully installed.

The program can be installed on the PS3 by either burning a CD with the downloaded PS3 Magic file or by using a USB memory stick.

Once installed the PS3 Magic gives you the options to install:

* Linux.
* Mac.
* Windows XP / Vista / 7

Another product, called LinuxforPS3Instoller, is an ebook which can be downloaded and contains instructions on how to install Linux on PS3 safely,

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