Linux – Eminent Choice Or Not?

linux48 Linux   Eminent Choice Or Not?
Syahrul Azlan Idris asked:

Linux has been something like monotony nowadays. Its fame makes it being the talk of the town – various Linux downloads, Linux programs, etc… And what’s great about this is – it’s all for free! However, free programs or software would always come to an end due to the rising number of users as well as the demands them constantly plea. There will really come a time that some of them will be priced just right for its effectiveness and usage. But that won’t tremble any of the existing and satisfied users of Linux because they already know how great it is to use such system.

Most of today’s Linux subscribers were actually using other operating systems and decided to transfer to Linux because of some annoying experiences. You can almost hear their murmurs whenever they talk about their previous systems. A complaint from a lady in her workplace have been heard telling that she got all fed up and totally annoyed with her current operating system and thinks of migrating to Linux. No worries at all because I think it’s just so easy to do it. Another thing is, switching to Linux can be very fast for her since she’s not using the software herself.

Beforehand, switching to Linux will require you to take a closer look around your software as well as to make some research about this new operating system. You should be aware of the software that are compatible with this new OS. Will your software run faster, or will be more user-friendly and effective once you transfer to this new system? Consider the advantages and disadvantages before you finally decide.

A large number of Linux software usually comes for free. And yes, they are indeed FREE! But are that free software doesn’t bother you at all? A colleague once mentioned that the more ‘free’ a software becomes, the more it is prone to get affected by some malicious programs. So before planning to use Linux, better watch out for these unwanted possibilities.

Another thing to consider is the commands that Linux has. Since it is new, there’s a possibility that some of its commands are different from your old OS. You have to get familiar with it first and then see to it that it has some sort of a familiar environment with your previous operating system. In that way, you won’t be caught something like grasping for breath because you have experienced a shock after suddenly switching to something you aren’t familiar with yet. So, it would be better to check everything out in order to get all things done – safely.
Anyhow, if you think you are ready enough to switch and try something new, then better opt for something that have positive feedbacks. Try to look at the bright side of your choice. Don’t worry too much about some adverse comments, for as long as you know that you, yourself can handle any problems that may occur (we could never really get rid of any unexpected failures). Consider the point that Linux has been very congenial to its users and is very friendly to the budget too. You won’t have to fret since some of its software are still offered for free (to download and to use as well).

I guess, the best thing to do primordially is to seek for valuable inputs about the Linux OS. Search and read a lot of reviews. Visit those sites that have favorable recommendations as well as some critics about this new operating system. Check out for software compatibilities and make sure that you’ve done checking the list of important software that you have – of which ones are and are not compatible with Linux. Better be ready before deciding to make a shift.

To finish this off, it will make sense to weigh all the odds and to consider the possibilities first before deciding to switch for Linux. A dissatisfied OS user (of another system) may opt for Linux to try its proficiency and effectiveness. He may go through a lot of new commands to learn and get familiar with, yet the important thing is, he is happy and comfortable with his choice. Well, the bottom lines for this is – if you are already fed up with what you currently have and is already annoyed of its performance, then why stick to that when you have greater options to choose from? So to speak, Linux may have been waiting for you all along.

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