Is a Linux Host the Best Choice for You?

linux33 Is a Linux Host the Best Choice for You?
Anne Tide asked:

When it comes to business, the costs play an important role in determining your profits. If we talk about similar products or services, the higher the costs are, the higher the price will be and less people will be interested in what you have to offer.

It is the same in the internet world. If you want to be noticed by a large number of people, the internet is the only way you can go to market your business. The question is how you can do that without any preparation or training. We’ll try to put some light on this subject.

The usual steps to achieve a presence over the internet are basically the same. Build a website, then choose a web hosting service to make that website available to people around the world. The available choices are a windows and a Linux host. Which is better?

When it comes to computers, Microsoft is the first thing that pops in the mind of any user. Because of this, every businessman has the tendency to choose a windows host over a Linux host. But your choice should depend on more than just a name.

While a windows host supports more applications, all the technologies used, like, Access, Sharepoint and others are used to create huge websites with a very complex structure. They provide high class services, but they come at a price. None of these come for free, and if you choose them, the costs to put up a website will go through the roof.
That is why a Linux host can also be named a budget host. Linux is free software that gives people the choice to modify its underlying code and redistribute it as they wish. And if you think you are making compromises about the structure of your website, guess again.

Choosing a budget host that operates on Linux allows you to build your website using technologies like PHP, MySQL and others all of which are free. This will help cut down costs and still be present on the World Wide Web with a well structured website.

But where can you find a reliable Linux host that fits in your budget? If you visit the website you will receive services of the highest quality at prices lower than you could ever imagine. Because the team at The Magic Host listens carefully to the needs of every client, everything you want can be achieved with a simple visit to their website.

Backup has always been a problem with everyone that has a website. Many web hosting services will nod their heads if people start asking questions about the lost data. That happens because it is a common belief that the customer should make his or her own backup. Apart from a budget host, the website mentioned afore provides a solution for this problem.

Choosing this budget host will give you the benefit of triple backup. Your data will be saved on a daily basis at a second hard drive and kept there for a week. Once a week, the backup data will be transferred to a second and third remote location, thus providing a full proof plan so you do not lose anything.

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