How Can You be Benefited From Google?

google15 How Can You be Benefited From Google?
Abdul Halim asked:

Google is the number one search engine in the Internet History. Worldwide people are collecting important information from Google. So you can say Google is the world library. Sea of knowledge, Sea of information and best friend for all in the world. Teacher student, Engineer, Doctor, Scientist, Journalist, literalist, Businessman, Industrialist and all other professional can find excellent information from Google Search engine.

Though there are many search engines in the Internet such as YAHOO, MSN, AOL, ASK.COM, ALTAVISTA, ALL THE WEB, ALEXA and others but GOOGLE has occupied number one position in the Internet because of its activity. Without searching activity Google has created a lot of products and resources for computer literate people. Most of them are free and open for all. Anybody can enjoy all of those products from Google.

One of the most important contributions from Google is free email service. Worldwide people can open email account on Google that is called gmail account. This is the passport of entrance to enjoy Google resources. If you have an email account from gamil you can travel many sectors of Google such as Google docs, Google base, Google Talk Adsense, Adword, Orkut, Picassa, You tube, iGoogle, blogspot,, API, Google Group and many other fields.

Like other professional Unemployed literate people, retired service holder, Literate house wife can be benefited from Google very much. That is This is the only service which is free and open for all to earn money from Google. If you wish and if you have time, then you can try to practice this blog from Google free of cost. Worldwide people are earning good money from Google by using this product.

To express yourself blog is the most effective and helpful product from Google. For this reason you do not have to be a computer programmer or html specialist. Simple computer knowledge and Basic English knowledge is enough to do that. If you think you have a lot of hidden feelings, experiences and pains in your mind what you could not express in your local news paper or editorial column, then this is the right and appropriate place for you. See, learn and act to express yourself right now. But Google also follow some guidelines and privacy policy for using it’s products. So before do connect yourself with a certain sector read their guidelines and privacy policy too.
Finally we are grateful to Google. We hope Google will remain in its position forever. Simultaneously we will expect more and more products from Google which can be helpful for world population. In developing country people specially unemployed educated generation are facing Internet connection problem in this regard if Google can take any plan to extend worldwide easy Internet connection, then Google will gather more appreciation from the World and can be a top favorite to all literate people. World will love Google more preciously and importantly. Google will remain in people’s heart for a long time.To know more about Google and blog from google you may visit

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