Google Payload Review – is Google Payload a Scam?

google53 Google Payload Review   is Google Payload a Scam?
Joe Tan asked:

Well, I believe the new launch of Google Payload has caused quite a whirlwind among internet marketers out there, and out of curiosity like you I bought the Google Payload to check it out.

And guess what? To those who are still debating among themselves whether or not to buy Google Payload I’m just so glad that you’ve came to my Google Payload Review page..

If you’re about to buy Google Payload, then I’d say “Stop!”, because you’re about to find out some unrevealed truths within my Google Payload Review.. So, what actually did I found out from Google Payload, and what makes me think I really should get this Google Payload review out to you guys before anything else?!

Alright, Google Payload is written based on the concepts of utilizing CHEAP traffics(*Cheap here means traffics from 2nd or 3rd-tier Search Engines, eg. MIVA), and then driving these “Cheap” traffics to your Adsense optimised or XML feed mini-sites that templates will be provided by them. Now, at first glance it might seems to make perfect sense to you, “Oh, why didn’t I think of utilizing the 2nd/3rd-tier Search Engines to bring visitors?”

Well, if you’re thinking this way then apparently you have not tried these Search Engines on your own yet, and I’ll explain why there’s a MAJOR FLAW in this strategy in this Google Payload Review!

As a Full-time internet marketer and a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate University, I’d like to make statements that yes these Search Engines might cost you lower advertising costs, and yes I’ve personally made a few bucks from them, but what Google Payload left out was the point about the extensive click frauds which these Search Engines are associated with, and in the end you’d be paying more than you ever get to re-coup back. Not to mention that the traffics that come from these Search Engines are usually NOT VERY TARGETED.

If you ask me that “Is Google Payload a scam?” Ok, starting out as a desperate internet marketer myself, I’ve learnt my lessons and ethics from Wealthy Affiliate University. Firstly, I don’t usually call something a scam, and especially for Google Payload, knowing that it’s written by a very good marketer, Alex Goad. But honestly I was disappointed by the way Google Payload e-Book was laid out, the contents were..

# Vague – Definitely not for the eyes of newbie internet marketers.

# Not organized – I had to read everything to put things together and make sense out of it.

# Lacks clear cut examples – As the author describes the different layouts within the e-Book, no imagery or some sort of illustrations are provided in the book, well maybe one or two, but frankly one have to really build a picture of page layout in his mind, or maybe drawing it out as he read to really get the whole picture.

# Lack of conformity – The 8 website templates that were given as bonuses were said to be built specially for Google Payload’s strategy but that doesn’t seem to be entirely true as well, when I looked at it the article templates don’t conform to the described methods and hence I have to do some modifications based on my own experience.

*ALTHOUGH* Google Payload does bring out a few new interesting ideas to be implemented but that’s about it. So, is Google Payload a scam or what? Well, Google Payload is certainly NOT a scam but I guess I’d make a conclusion in my Google Payload review that it’s just another “Adsense Arbitrage” e-Book, poorly written, well maybe only those “Top-Dogs” that understand the true workings of Adsense would understand them but definitely enough there is no way a newbie can follow and succeed with this system.

Look Here To Find Out My Google Payload Review – Is Google Payload A Scam?

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