Get to Know More About the Linux Host Hobbit

linux18 Get to Know More About the Linux Host Hobbit
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If you are thinking of availing of a virtual host plan, you can choose from a dedicated server or a shared server. While there are some website developers who go for the former, there are a lot of individuals who choose to avail of a shared hosting plan. This decision to stick to the latter is due to various reasons. The general benefit that you will be able to get from your shared host is the opportunity to get low-cost services. What is more, there are several other benefits and privileges that come with your decision to go for this type of server.

Linux – Your Cheap Alternative at The Magic Host

There are various web hosting companies who offer affordable hosting plans to their clients with free setup services. One of these companies is The Magic Host, which provides operating systems like Oracle, Solaris, Linux, and Windows. Among these O.S., Linux offers cheaper alternatives. There are four Linux host plans, which are:

• Linux Host-Dwarf – which has 200GB bandwidth, and 50GB disk space, along with free domain name and setup

• Linux Host-Hobbit – 2,000GB bandwidth and 200GB disk space, along with free domain name and setup

• Linux Host-Elven – 3,000GB bandwidth and 300GB disk space, along with free domain name and setup

• Linux Host Wizard – 400GB disk space and 4,000GB bandwidth

You are not obligated to pay for set-up fees when you choose these hosting plans. Within a span of thirty days, you are allowed to get your money back if you are not contented with the services of The Magic Host.

The Magic Host – Offering You Free Setup Services and Cheap Hosting Prices

The Magic Host offers budget host plans. This type of plan is very appropriate for you when you are tied to the long terms of the previous plans of your hosting provider. If there are some terms which you are tired of, you can choose another hosting company to buy out these terms. Or else, you can also buy terms from other web hosting providers. Other than providing you the privilege to buy out other terms, you can also avail of the following from The Magic Host:

• Host your website without setup fees.

• Host your multiple websites, if you have more than one site. This service is offered without costing you.

• You can choose from various reseller terms and privileges at low prices.

When you go for the Linux Host Hobbit, there are various package features offered to you. The first is your private disk space which consists of 200GB. On the other hand, the bandwidth of the Hobbit for each month is 2,000GB. Your disk space and bandwidth are upgradeable according to your requirements. This Linux hosting plan is also comprised of triple backup. This means that your hosting provider stores data for you without asking for charges. Its multiple websites and databases are unlimited; as with its sub domains and its FTP accounts. You can avail of a free domain name throughout the whole term of your plan because you’re the registrant. Since the host plans of Linux has lesser number of accounts with a maximum number of 150 accounts, your server control is less complicated.

Linux is a cheap host which offers you reseller privileges. The first is a dedicated IP, followed by a private nameserver. There is also a WHM for the cPanel, and a WHMCS ticket and billing system. This reseller host (new) also has a rapid SSL or WildCard. You can avail of a customized design for your website. Another privilege that you can get from your Linux Host Hobbit is the submission of article or directory. You can also get an account as a Directi Reseller, along with a Directi Live Chat. What is more, you are offered with RV Skin. If you want to purchase more domains, you can do so for $6.49 per year. When you want an affiliate program, you will get a $150 signup bonus.

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