Apple Ibook G4 Latpop Review

apple49 Apple Ibook G4 Latpop Review
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Getting an Apple laptop was unthinkable for me at first. I felt nothing from Apple’s clever “Switch” ads, and as with many fellow PC/Windows users, I thoughts Macs were for newbies, graphics designers, grannies, and others who couldn’t handle more than one mouse button.


However, when I began my quest to purchase an affordable portable, I ran into many problems. The ultraportables and subnotebooks often lacked basic features I wanted such as an optical-drive, and would easily burn a hole in my wallet… several times over. Thin-and-Lights looked very appealing, so I researched that category the most. Some of my favorites include the Fujitsu S6210 battery,IBM T40 series battery, and inspiron 600m battery . Yet, even the ones I liked didn’t work out because they didn’t fit my budget (about $1,000).

Then I was introduced to a strange mix of the above. Apple’s 12″ iBook weighs in at touch under five pounds, but is in the ultraportable form factor. It’s too heavy to be an ultraportable, but it’s small screen means it doesn’t fit with most thin-and-lights. What really caught my attention was the price tag. Other than Averatec, this is the only notebook I came across with a retail price of $999 that came in under 5 pounds. But like any consumer ready to shell out hard-earned money, I was still skeptical.

I continued to do my research and consistently heard good things about the iBook. Finally, Apple and Amazon gave me a sign. In late October, Apple (apple laptop battery)included Airport Extreme (802.11g) and bumped up the base processor to 1.2Ghz. Additionally, Amazon still had a $150 rebate for Apple laptops. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that $850 + $20 shipping was a darn good deal. I placed my order on the following and paitiently waited.


12.1″ TFT XGA

1.2Ghz G4 processor w/ 512k level 2 cache

256MB PC2100 ram, 1 slot available

30 GB ATA/100 4200RPM hard drive

Slot-loading combo drive (DVD/CD-RW)

1 FireWire 400 port

2 USB 2.0 ports

VGA Out, S-Video and composite video cable optional

56K V.92 modem

10/100BASE-T Ethernet

Airport Extreme 802.11g wireless

Mac OS X 10.3 Panther

90 phone support, 1 year hardware warranty

First Impressions

There’s not a doubt Apple spends more money on design than its competitors. Just the box itself screams ‘gorgeous’. I tore through the packaging like an child on Christmas morning. Underneath all the booklets, manuals, and CDs, I finally got to the iBook. I recommend keeping the thin foam as a screen protector.

Once I turned on the notebook, I was immediately filled with dread. In the upper right corner was a stuck blue pixel. I decided to not think about it, and continue exploring my new toy. (note: all images are of the replacement I received)

The laptop is absolutely gorgeous. Had I not seen the price tag, I would’ve thought the iBook to be much pricier. The bare simplicity of the notebook is stunning. Other than the obligatory Apple logo on top (which lights up!), there’s nothing but rounded edges. No bevels; No latches; No doors. When I hold it in my hands, it feels like holding a polished piece of marble. (in reality: polycarbonate plastic, and magnesium alloy)

The construction is really top grade. Pressing against the back of the reinforced LCD doesn’t cause any ripples in the image, nor does flexing the screen between my hands. I’d feel safe putting this notebook in a cramped backpack. The hinge connecting the screen also looks quite beefy and doubles as an exhaust for heat. The slot loading drive is just too cool to describe. Everyone gets mesmerized by how the iBook ***** in CDs. Apple also claims to have rubber-mounted the hard drive to absorb vibrations and impacts. (apple ibook g4 battery)

I consider myself to be a PC poweruser and often have multiple applications and windows open on my desktop. I’m very used to working on one document, and then switching over with alt-tab in a Windows environment. Luckily, in this latest version of OS X shipped with the iBooks, Command-tab does the same. What’s more is how hotkey friendly OS X is. While command-tabbing, I can tap other keys to have an action done on the highlighted application. I can cmd-tab to an application I no longer want, and tap Q to quit it or H to hide it. There are also hotkeys to open the Applications folder, and my Documents folder.


The display is very crisp, and more than bright enough for use indoors and outdoors. The lowest setting turns off backlighting completely. The display didn’t have the same wow-factor as the Fujisu S6210, but it’s definitely bright and clear. Thanks to the separate ATI video chip, DVDs run without any artifacts, and color representation is sharp. There’s also an optional S-Video and Composite adapter available for $20. Unfortunately, there is only screen-mirroring. In order to achieve screen-spanning, there is an a well known hack one can use. Since I don’t see myself using this feature, I’d rather not risk it.

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