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Acer has been among the top companies in providing unique mobile computing solutions suiting varied users. This latest netbook offering from Acer has created quite a stir in the market. This simplified Linux operated netbook is a charm and packs in sufficient features to perform satisfactorily.
This netbook is small and sleek but the performance is truly appealing.


The build up of the netbook is sturdy and the finishing is leveled. Thy keyboard is sufficiently large and better than other netbooks available in the market. The touch pad mouse has the click buttons on the sides. This is unique and will take time in getting used to if you have been a regular user of the touch pad on a standard laptop. It has an 8.9-inch LCD display screen which is wide in layout. It also has a dedicated page scroll button which comes quiet handy in case of such small sized netbooks. It weighs less than a kilo, which makes it extremely portable to carry around.

Key Features

The Laptop is powered by Atom processor functioning at1.6 GHz. It has 512 MB RAM, which might be a let down for many, but at the size and functions of this netbook it is commendable. There are no glitches in performing most of the tasks thrown at it. It has an 8 GB flash memory and is also available with an extension of 80 GB built. It has all the capability of a laptop, with a slimmer design and simpler layout.

The user interface is the simplified version of Linux operating system. It will take time for the Windows users to get used to it. Setting up newer application might bit tricky for the new users but with little understanding it will be a breeze. It has a 3-cell battery which gives about 2.5 hours of usage. This is commendable with 6-cell laptops giving the same battery performance.


A big concern might be the touch pad mouse buttons. They are placed on the sides which will not be easy using it at first. The RAM of the netbook might be an issue for many users who want to run varied applications. The pre-installed media application doesn’t run many popular media file formats which again will be a concern for many and take need extra effort of installing them.


This Acer Laptops are light, cheap and works fast. It will be a true winner for those looking out at a replacement of bulky laptops and would want a portable machine for basic computing needs.

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