Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics Gp 10.0

Microsoft136 Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics Gp 10.0
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When deployed in tandem with Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007, Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 is an ERP system that leverages several advanced features of SharePoint to enable internal workflow to be seamlessly integrated with the user’s own Dynamics home page, their email and overview list page functions. This benefits users in many ways, including best use of employee time, transparency of workflow path which eliminates delays, and an alert system which brings user’s attention to tasks awaiting approval or review.

Greater flexibility with increased options

With release 10.0, workflows are easy to set up and allow far more flexibility than prior versions, by integrating with Office SharePoint. One such feature allows you to demand that specific users or even all users of the ERP system have to submit their documents to the workflow, thus enabling tighter controls over tasks. Another aspect will allow you to specify exactly when approval is required – for purchase orders involving amounts more than a preset sum of money for example, thereby enabling faster decision making by allowing decisions below that sum to be completed without approval.

The conditions that are defined can themselves vary. Each condition can be part of the workflow for one user or an unlimited number of users. Also, conditions can be set up so that a single document is sent to a number of approvers, in a step by step process, as the workflow progresses through the company hierarchy. Alternatively, workflow can be defined so that one decision is routed to many approvers, at the same time.

When a task requires the review of many approvers, you can define the workflow such that a decision is approved only if a majority endorses it or if it is unanimous. When changes are requested or adaptations are made to the original task or document, a notification system can be set up, wherein the concerned user or initiator of the task is informed.

Workflow assimilation with Outlook email and home page

By integrating GP with Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 several unnecessary steps in switching between systems are eliminated, so users can view and decide on workflow tasks from within their email inbox. Workflow tasks can now be sent as emails, and users can decide to approve, alter or reject decisions inside their email. This strategic integration between systems allows users to chronicle the path taken by the workflow. You may set it up on your Outlook calendar so that tasks in GP can be scheduled for completion.

Another benefit of this integration is that it can be leveraged so that an outline view of all alerts and workflow tasks that concern an individual employee are exhibited on their GP home page. Home pages are designed to clearly differentiate between workflow tasks that need to be done and announcements that inform users about the workflow.

Workflow merged with List function and various modules

When various tasks or documents are grouped under comprehensive lists, the user can decide on many of these at the same time, instead of trying to map the workflow for each one separately. The List Page allows users to look at a task from the view point of its urgency, the department and the individual supervisor. List Page has filter capability, which means tasks or documents can be prioritized if they have not yet been submitted or those awaiting approval can be viewed first.

Specific modules that are influenced by the workflow tasks include General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Purchase Order and Sales Order. In purchasing for example, conditions can be specified to approve or reject documents and over ride credit limits.

In effect, workflow is a crucial process that will increase your internal business efficiency and productivity significantly.

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