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  1. zealpal Says:

    he’s right – try ‘sudo rm rf/’ ull feel like a god cos you get absolute control…. and ur computer wont have viruses,be slow or give you any problems of that kind…

  2. natsninjaboy Says:

    …vistas a heaps of ****….i think ill get rid of it and replace it with linux…..cause windows ***** ***..screw u bill gates!!!

  3. PauliusBa Says:

    Windows owns. Beryl is a tasteless peace of ‘too much’.

  4. markwiebe99 Says:

    haha, dude, you know nothing about computers, linux is not impossible to hack into mainly since it is free, anyone can easily get linux and find out how to hack it. Also, you can’t wipe out a hdd in 2 minutes unless you somehow make it spontaniously combust. Anyways, yeah linux may seem secure but if it was more popular like windows or mac, it would get alot more viruses, a hacker doesnt want to infect a few linux computers, he wants to get thousands of windows or mac computers.

  5. UbuntuLee Says:

    Don’t tell people that… my god someone may actually do it.

  6. UbuntuLee Says:

    It is definitely not perfect. Don’t spread propaganda.

  7. KillahMate Says:

    I assume that anyone who knows how to open a terminal window in Linux or OSX is smart enough not to actually type this in…

  8. SomeGuy7898 Says:

    You understand that Mac OS X runs a unix based kernel now right? Similar security protocols… give this a shot in linux…

    sudo rm -rf /

    It should give you god mode on all computers in your network :)

  9. fropply Says:

    I just switched from Windows to Linux. I cant believe how everything just works from the get go..I only had one driver to install and Linux did that for me. The only problem I found was everything was setup so well, I wasnt expecting things to be so simple..This is a perfect OS.

  10. Sindwiller Says:

    Yeah, just in Mac and especially Windows, you can just go search an illegal exploit site with thousands and thousands of known bugs and descr. on how to exploit them and go code happily. That’s possible because OS X and especially Windows have really, really big bug patching cycles, which leaves time gaps for users to run unsafe software. Windows gets patched once a month, while Linux software, and that every part of it, not just the internal stuff, gets patched more often.

  11. mancole96 Says:

    Hacking is unlimited. You can hack anything-if you have skill and the right tools.
    Linux is hackable
    Mac in hackable
    Windows is hackable.

  12. ThatsBalla Says:

    What is the toolbar at the top of the ubuntu desktop?

  13. 08powerstroke Says:

    LOL I am mostly a Linux fan… but I have to say people like Matthew55904 is what makes use Linux users look bad.. lol 150% huh… pretty impressive… Go back to twiddling your thumbs.. cause you sir, know nothing about computer operating systems…

  14. UbuntuLee Says:

    I knew a person named Matthew55904 once, but he put a retarded comment on a youtube linux video and owned himself….

  15. CultOfTheGlenda Says:

    My grandma can troll better than you . . .

  16. Matthew55904 Says:

    Ubuntu has no malcious programs Linux is a Secure OS unlike Windows and Mac. its 150% IMPOSSIBLE to hack into a linux and crash it with a virus you CAN however hack a Mac and crash it wipe the HDD in 2mins flat.

  17. ne0ngeek Says:

    i went to best buy and put this vid full screen ona touch smart few minutes ago lol.

  18. 08powerstroke Says:

    I see your point on the .debs… My sis has a Mac laptop with OS X and I like it as well. Those are fine OS’s you listed, I run all of the other ones you listed except Debian with Ubuntu in its place. They all have their advantages.

  19. ibloxProductionz Says:

    currently booted into mandriva now :)

  20. UbuntuLee Says:

    I just never liked the idea of .debs… I would prefer using the repo so that I can keep updated.

    My favorite OS is OS X Leopard. Its probably the smoothest running OS I have ever had.

    1. OS X
    2. Solaris
    3. Debian
    4. Windows Vista/7

  21. 08powerstroke Says:

    May I ask your reason? Also what OS do you like best?

  22. UbuntuLee Says:

    That is true. Also, I must say, I **** .deb….

  23. foker2009 Says:

    vISTA is beautiful

  24. 08powerstroke Says:

    The program would have access to what it is wanting to do, kind of like running sudo in a terminal, to have full root access you must actually be logged in as “root” not temp or sudo. Also very very very few Linux distros can run executable programs nativity so they must get a program in the package their OS can read, in the case of Ubuntu… .deb files. You don’t just download a program from a random site like you can/do with Windows.

  25. UbuntuLee Says:

    Every program requires a root password to install right? So what happens when you install a malicious program that has temporary root privileges?


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