Why Linux?

Dejaiin asked:

This video will tell you why you should use GNU/Linux. I have 6 computers with GNU/linux installed on them and it is my primary OS. Remember kids Linux is a kernel and GNU is the OS. Together they make the GNU/ Linux operating system. GNU stands for GNU’s not Unix. Unix was propriety software, Linux is a clone of Unix but it is not Unix based.

Try out a flavor of Linux today I am sure you will love it:



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Disclaimer: I am not the owner of the music. The song is completely owned by the respective artists and I am in no way making any form of profit from this video. I am using the video for solely a creative purpose and I have used this song because I admire the artists. This is also true for the images in this video.

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  1. tuxsbro Says:

    i would say gimp is infinitely customizable

  2. ElCaminosKitchenTV Says:

    Gimp needs an interface designer… really.

  3. xxxxxPIETROxxxxx Says:

    I am using an iMac and considering installing Linux with bootcamp. The problem is which one do i choose!?

    Are any compatible with Windows games eg. Half Life/Counter Strike??

  4. SlickRickJohn Says:

    i would argue that if you took the time to look up the video, click on it and watch it all the way through then your time isn’t that precious.
    P.S. so what if he dual-boots

  5. eqspec76 Says:

    Jesus Christ Almighty, someone please petition to remove this crap from Youtube. I just wasted 3:03 of my precious time, watching this crap. You Fuckin idiot. You probably dual boot Linux and Windows, right? LOL. I thought so.

  6. krazyliljoo Says:

    newbitos? *** y is everyone so mean to the noobs :(

  7. FlyingEnglishman Says:

    I love that this video was made on Windows Vista.
    Ubuntu user!

  8. FlyingEnglishman Says:

    Yeah, you ****.

  9. emperordarius Says:

    Photoshop has many more filters and plugins available than the GIMP. And PS’s perfect integration with other Adobe Products, which are a must-use for me, make it fare Superior.

  10. GavinRoskamp Says:

    Not to mention the fact you claimed Novell is a distrobution of linux. How un-educated in Linux do you have to be to not know that Novell is a company that distributes openSUSE. I only mentioned Ubuntu because that would be the most known to anybody reading the comment. Sure, I can rattle off plenty of distros of Linux and you can watch me do it, I don’t care. Plus, don’t call me a cynical brat, because that doesn’t describe me at all. Maybe you, but not me.
    There is my two cents worth. Goodbye.

  11. GavinRoskamp Says:

    Well I’m sorry but I’ve also tested many other linux distros. Beside the fact, professional software companies don’t support Linux in most of their products because they want to reach a greater amount of people. They *could* code it for Linux distros if they wanted to, but they would end up spending more money developing it than they would get selling it.
    I’m not an all out linux hater, it’s just that it isn’t yet mature enough to handle the big things. Here’s where I stand: Mac=Linux=PC.

  12. Dejaiin Says:

    Well you can shut up since its not linuxs fault that the professional software you rely on is windows or mac only. In fact how could you be a computer expert when you say all OS **** and only mention 3. One of which is in fact not even an OS but a kernel. When referring to linux with the capital “L” suggests its the kernel lowercase is more of an abbreviation for GNU/Linux. . Oh and you have Ubuntu and that makes you an expert on all linux distros? Go away you cynical brat.

  13. Dejaiin Says:

    I would disagree GIMP is open source and therefore is ever more extendible than the proprietary software binary packages that accompany your license to use photoshop. The license which is wrapped up in so much legal wording your rights are ***** in front of your eyes without you noticing. So don’t go lecturing a GIMP user on how Photoshop is more extendible.

  14. emperordarius Says:

    GIMP is not as much extensible as Photoshop, and there are many other disadvantages in using GIMP. So GIMP is in every way

  15. thinboy00 Says:

    The only shortcoming of GIMP is that it doesn’t support the CMYK colorspace, and if you need that there’s something called Krita, it works on linux, is included in KOffice (part of KDE), and does support CMYK. Other than that one issue, GIMP >= Photoshop, and even counting that issue Krita >= Photoshop.

  16. emperordarius Says:

    Perhaps you have done a problematic update? They are the only thing that causes real problems. And can be solved with a combo update. So STFU once again and go **** some big fat ****.

  17. GavinRoskamp Says:

    Well I’m sorry for stepping on your panties. Macs do have their problems, and this is a person who has two of them and loves them more than a lot of his family members. They are always treated with the best care.

    Also, I’m sorry to say this, but I AM an expert on computers… so YOU STFU. I had a kernel panic once for no reason when coming back from sleep mode. I had one when opening safari. I had one while booting. And this isn’t outdated hardware, this was on my school’s BRAND NEW Intel iMacs

  18. emperordarius Says:

    All OS’S ****…except for Macs. Kernel Panics happen in REALLY critical situations, (unlike windows). The hardware is expensive but you get full support and don’t to pay for tech support because you probably will never have any problems. So STFU and stop acting like an expert, ’cause you’re not.

  19. GavinRoskamp Says:

    Will you two stop fighting. Both of them ****. Windows ***** too. ALL OS’S ****. I CAN SAY IT BECAUSE I’VE GOT ALL THREE.

    Windows = BSOD
    Linux = Incompatibility/Little Professional Software
    Mac = Kernel Panic/Expensive hardware.

    Yeah, all three have their shining points and all three have their failing points. That is why I have two PPC Macs, five PCs, and one Ubuntu that is dual-booted on one of the PCs.

  20. FreeFallingEmo Says:

    Just Put Linux Felicia Mint On My Netbook
    Works Like A Charm!

  21. ShinyFilms Says:

    Which version of Linux is the best?

  22. LoloftheRings Says:

    nice video

  23. snizzo92 Says:

    mac gives you NO freedom…

    i can use linux in any way i want… with terminal, without X and with compiz and KDE4 or something on every kind of computer having always the updated software.
    and of course for all architectures…

  24. emperordarius Says:

    At least Macs are always working perfectly with their hardware, Linux encounters all sort of problems, from missing drivers to degraded performance of the hardware. I have used Linux and I got sick of how much primitive it is: most of the things are done through the terminal, you can’t deny that. Well, unless you do very basic things. That’s not true. The open source programs that work with Linux cannot even be compared with pro progs. GIMP < Photoshop, Cinerella

  25. tCPsiCkPsYchO Says:

    Linux is even more hardware-friendly than a Mac considering it runs on ALL desktops AND laptops that were made semi-recently. It runs just as fast as a mac and offers much more interface customization options.

    I’ve only run into 2 hardware problems (both on a laptop) that were fixed by Google. Also, unless you want to you can run most commands and installs through a GUI, not terminal. It has open-source, free versions of professional software that do the same thing as the professional program.


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