Why Choose Linux Web Hosting

linux26 Why Choose Linux Web Hosting
Matt asked:

When you first decide that you want to build or design a web site, you will also be deciding on what web hosting company to choose and amongst them there are various platforms they provide. One of these, and potentially one of the most popular is Linux web hosting.
You’ll see this advertised most often as Red Hat Linux. There are a number reasons behind the fact that it’s potentially the most popular web hosting platforms on the Internet and why the majority of webmasters use it as their web hosting operating system.

The most important reason it’s good to choose a Red Hat Linux web hosting plan is the proven fact that it’s extremely stable and it’s massively robust. Because of this, your website experiences amazing uptime and reliability. Many, many webmaster will claim an uptime rate of 99.9%. As a webmaster, new or old, that’s something that is extremely important to the success of your site.

Another great thing about Linux web hosting platforms is the other fact that it’s completely free with an extremely small cost of distribution. Along with that come completely free applications to help the server you are on run more efficiently and with more stability. Some of these you are no doubt familiar with and probably use very often: FTP, HTTP Server, DNS Server, File Server and more.

The next item that’s important about whey to choose Linux web hosting is the fact that it’s very, very easy for the end user to grasp. Most of the Linux web hosting plans available come with such things as FrontPage Extensions, built in CGI scripts, html serving protocols, Web Hosting Control Panels and so much more that the list would take practically days to write.

Finally, perhaps one of the most advantageous reasons that Linux web hosting is that it’s simple and easy in regards to scalability. A Linux based web host can host virtually any sized web site, small or large, and do so with the same stability and reliability as if it were hosting a site on the exact opposite spectrum.

Now that you know some of the most popular reasons to choose a Linux web hosting plan, all you have to do now is head on out and find the right one for you. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to maybe building the most popular web site the world has ever known.

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