Top Ten Reasons for Learning Linux – Number 3, Internet Integration

linux79 Top Ten Reasons for Learning Linux   Number 3, Internet Integration
Levi Reiss asked:

And here is our technology history lesson for today. In spite of what you may think, Bill Gates and Microsoft did not invent the Internet. In fact, these visionaries jumped aboard the information highway fairly late after vainly trying to counterpose their own MSN to the Internet.

In contrast Unix computers have been accessing the Internet and what’s more running the Internet for decades. Unix and the Internet have had plenty of time to evolve together. Of course you can access the Internet from Windows with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and numerous other browsers. Many sites do use Windows-based Internet servers. Whether you are a casual Internet user or an Internet Service Provider you probably want to know the concrete differences for you and your associates to help choosing between Linux and Windows for meeting your Internet needs. (Actually Internet Service Providers tend to know the differences and have made their choice, which is usually Linux. In the interest of fairness I must tell you that their choice is definitely not Damn Small Linux ‘ it’s just too small.) Let’s examine some important differences between Linux and Windows in respect to the Internet.

Linux browsers are much less likely to stall than their Windows competitors. This increased stability reduces those annoying Internet browser restarts and even more annoying operating system restarts. This latter advantage is particularly important for Internet Service Providers but is also important for individual Internet users.

The Linux Internet experience is much less likely to be interrupted by Adware, in which intruders foist their junk on unwilling victims. As far as I’m concerned Adware is theft of my time and energy. In spite of their claims I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m not the 10 millionth visitor to their site and even if I were there is no way that I won any free vacation to Las Vegas or Never-Never Land. Linux systems clearly surpass Windows when it comes to blocking these criminals and letting me do my Internet work or have my Internet fun.

I don’t want anybody snooping around my stuff, whether on the computer or not. Spyware is often a major problem with Internet browsers that run on Windows computers. Linux systems are more resistant to Spyware than their Windows competitors. But in the interest of fairness I want to refute those silly claims that Linux computers are completely resistant to Adware, Spyware, hacking, viruses and the like. Whatever some people can build, others can tear down or worm their way in.

This brings up our next subject, computer viruses. Do you think you can guess which operating system is better equipped to combat this major problem?

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