The Top Ten Reasons for Learning Linux, Number 10 a Potpourri of Reasons

linux53 The Top Ten Reasons for Learning Linux, Number 10 a Potpourri of Reasons
Levi Reiss asked:

w complete our series comparing Linux to Windows. This article lists and briefly describes several additional advantages of Linux. We would not be surprised if Linux buffs come up with still other advantages that are not mentioned here.

When you seriously get into Linux you become a member of a special community. Whenever you have a Linux problem you can go to an on-line forum. It usually isn’t very long before someone has the answer.

You have full access to the complete Linux operating system. You can learn how things actually work. If you enjoy working with some relatively sophisticated, mathematical issues Linux is for you. And remember, what seems to be geeky and oh-so theoretical can have very practical applications.

Plenty of jobs are available to Linux specialists, especially if they are skilled in other LAMP components (the web server Apache, the database management system MySQL, and the web programming language PHP) discussed in previous articles. Don’t fool yourself, you can’t get a job just by reading these advantages and running all the tutorials. But as the Chinese saying goes; a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and this step is a big one.

Linux is international. Among the government organizations that have switched to Linux are the German Agency for Labor, the French Ministry for Education, the American Library of Congress, the Portuguese Ministry of Justice, the Swedish Armed Forces, the Municipal Government of Berlin and Munich, Germany, the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the New Zealand Ministry of Health, the United States Postal Service, the Federal Government of Brazil, Mexico City, the American National Security Agency which is developing its own security enhancements to Linux, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Aeronautics and Space Agency, the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria, the United States Navy, and the Northern Territory of Australia. The list goes on.

Last, but not least you can have enjoy yourself with Linux. I’m not really talking about the games that come with Damn Small Linux or those that you can download. Linux offers different ways of doing things than does Microsoft Windows. You may like the Linux way of doing things and you may not. If you don’t like the Linux way, go back to Windows. You won’t be alone. But if you do like it, keep up the good work. Just remember, the sky is the limit even if you start with a 50 Megabyte version such as Damn Small Linux.

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