The Reseller Privileges and Package Features of Linux Host Elven

linux17 The Reseller Privileges and Package Features of Linux Host Elven
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A shared host plan is offered by different hosting companies, one of which is The Magic Host. Other than this plan, this web hosting company also provides other types of hosting services. These are dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. Among the three, the most common is shared hosting since you will be able to avail of affordable packages when you go for this. This specific web hosting service allows a huge number of websites within a single server connected to the Internet. Each website within that server has its own IP address, bandwidth, and disk space which separate it from the other websites. Shared hosting is very cost-efficient since all of the individuals sharing that same server also share the whole cost for the maintenance.

The Web Hosting Plans of The Magic Host

There are various types of web host plans and services offered by The Magic Host. The hosting plans of this company include the following:

• Solaris

• Oracle

• Windows

• FreeBSD

• Linux

Among these operating systems, the most well-known is Linux. When you go for the Linux hosting plans of The Magic Host, you have four options to choose from. The first plan is the Dwarf which has 50GB for its disk space and 200GB for its bandwidth. If you require more disk space and bandwidth, all you have to do is upgrade your Linux Host Dwarf to Linux Host Hobbit. With the latter, your disk space and bandwidth are upgraded to 200GB and 2000GB respectively. On the other hand, you can also upgrade the Hobbit to another budget host when you want to have more bandwidth and space. This is possible through the Linux Host Elven, which has a disk space of 300GB and a bandwidth of 3000GB. The Elven can be upgraded to the Wizard which has 400 GB disk space and 4000GB bandwidth.

The Advantages of Linux

The Linux is an affordable hosting plan which provides you with various add-on privileges.

• For one, you can include a WHM for cPanel when you pay an extra $2 each month.

• You can add on a WHMCS license for a ticket and billing system when you settle an extra $12 for every month.

• You can sell domain when you have a Directi Reseller account. The worth of this domain is $6.49 for each year.

• If you want an additional private nameserver, the extra charge is $2 each month.

• Availing of a live chat requires you to pay off each agent with $7 each month.

• On the other hand, the SSL requires $14 for every month.

When you go for a certain type of Linux host plan at The Magic Host and you want to add on reseller features, you are not required to buy each of the features. You can take a pick among the privileges, as long as you need it. You can add these features to the general shared hosting package deal that you have availed of. With all the features that you have included with your plan, you are availing of the low costs of a great reseller package.

The general package of Linux Host Elven offers you with several features. These include the wide exclusive disk space and monthly bandwidth of the hosting plan. The space of the Elven is 300GB while its bandwidth is 3,000GB. If you want to get more space and bandwidth, you can just upgrade the Elven to Linux Host Wizard. The latter has 400GB disk space and 4000GB bandwidth. Like the other two plans, the Elven also provides triple backup with your hosting company offering you free data storage. There are unlimited multiple websites and databases, along with unlimited FTP accounts and sub domains. As a registrant, your domain name is free all throughout your hosting plan term. Compared to the thousands of accounts within the servers of other hosting plans, the Linux only has a maximum number of 150 accounts. Because of this privilege, your server is able to perform better. What is more, it is less complicated than the other virtual host plans. If you want an effective and cost-efficient hosting plan, choose the Linux hosting plan of The Magic Host.

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