The Origin of Linux Distribution

linux41 The Origin of Linux Distribution
David Shaffer asked:

“Linux Distribution” or call briefly that is “Linux Distro” which born from the requirement Distribute Linux Operating System go to the favor extensively. The “Distribution” word is the extensively meaning there is appear in every the society, there is person group want to announce the idea of oneself goes out to others.

For linux distro that is person group they want to announce linux operating system to others turn to take an interest and lead the linux operating system to be usable more and more extensively there. The power adds that make up the linux distro that have as follows.

First, because of in the age at linux start the internet system still have a few speed extremely then not convenient to download linux kernel and all linux components come to set up because more will fully completed download it get time long ago. So, CD-ROM saller group for sets up a linux program then important duty first of linux distribution.

The second points, is in the age at this first also at all program at the components of linux operating system still during of development goes to according to one’s ability of program developer from the worldwide, thus leading linux to usable have rather a little moderately, So mostly software that distribute then is in “source code” which the lead will go to usable must use the technical step that calls “Program Compilation” then make not convenient or almost impossible to build the favor happen in group of newcomer users quickly follows the aim of linux distribution. So the linux distro group must prepare operating system software of oneself are in fully use actually then get achieve.

The third points, that is the hard step for linux operating system installation must touch redesign for easyly most don’t differ from order calling setup command in windows installation, including setting all the usability and refining the system for just boot with Linux CD-ROM and click next go to continually already you will have linux operating system that want, simple that is linux distro must making usability linux get into simple for general person.

So, linux distribution then group of person are the organization there is the objective to announce the operating system that uses linux for kernel to general person to extensively usability by operate beneath the regulation of the OpenSource community and FREE Software which in now have linux distribution increase greatly.

This is the basic about the origin of linux operating system and linux distro distributing to other linux users. Linux learning is easiest in now vendor of each linux distro they has created it for easy to use and easy fast install, So you can learn on same the windows os.

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