The Battle of Technology – Linux Vs Windows

Linux36 The Battle of Technology   Linux Vs Windows
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The topic here is quite sensational. Both Linux and Windows have their followers. The question is- which is better? While Windows is known for its user friendly features, Linux wins hands down owing to its varied feature set. Let us compare the two biggies on the following parameters:

Consistency: Windows vs Linux

Windows does not quite have a consistent release history. Though Windows 95 created a revolution in personal computing, Windows 98 failed miserably. Windows Me could not do any better; it faded without even being noticed. Windows NT, developed to serve as a portable operating system, could not fare well, thanks to its complex functionality. Microsoft with the launch of Windows XP announced its comeback. Windows 7 is still to mark its presence

Linux, unlike its competitor, ensured consistent releases. It would not be wrong to say that each new version of Linux has better features than its predecessors.

Price: Windows vs Linux

Considering the current economic scenario, Microsoft did no good by shifting from Exchange to per seat/user license. This could be pretty expensive for small and medium businesses. Simply stated, a company having 50 users/ (seats) would have to pay for 50 individual licenses to Microsoft.

Open source software licenses do not cost anything. Groupware tools like Open-X-Change and eGroupware offer larger feature-set compared to their Microsoft counterpart. The only cost incurred would be of hardware. Be it a single user or hundreds of users, the cost is same for the software- FREE.
Hardware Compatibility: Windows vs Linux

Microsoft Vista was not compatible with most devices and systems. Hardware that would run at excellent speed slowed down while working with Microsoft Vista. Linux, on the contrary, showed commendable hardware compatibility. Xorg, for instance, proved to be a success.

Features: Windows vs Linux

While Windows 7 allows for faster transfer of large files, Linux offers faster booting, less memory usage, smaller install size, and broader hardware compatibility.

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