Synchronize Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2007 E-mail From Anywhere Using Activesync or Outlook Web Access (owa)

Microsoft131 Synchronize Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2007 E mail From Anywhere Using Activesync or Outlook Web Access (owa)
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Microsoft Exchange 2007 is one of the most widely used collaboration suites in the business world. Many corporate offices and multi-office organizations prefer MS Exchange 2007 because of its compatibility with Microsoft business applications such as Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint 2007 by which e-mails, calendars, tasks, contacts, and notes can be accessed and shared irrespective of the location.

As the world becomes more competitive, small organizations and individuals also need the above features to remain competitive and efficient. Deploying and maintaining a Microsoft Exchange server for a few e-mail boxes is very expensive. However, small offices and individuals and can now get all these benefits by using Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2007. Many vendors provide Hosted Exchange 2007 plans on rent or subscription basis.

MS Hosted Exchange 2007 allows you to access your e-mails, calendars, tasks, contacts and appointments using a mobile phone or a Web Browser. You can make changes to your appointment from your mobile phone and the changes are stored centrally on your vendor’s Hosted Exchange 2007 server. You can access and check the same appointment from your Mac or normal desktop. Mails that you sent using your mobile phone will also be available on your mail client. When you add a folder inside your Hosted Exchange 2007 mailbox, this information is reflected on all devices that you use. If you use different mobile or handheld devices then you can configure your MS Hosted exchange 2007 account on all the devices. Any changes that you do to your e-mail, calendar, contacts and tasks through out your day are updated to all these devices in real time.

E-mails on MS Hosted Exchange 2007 can also be accessed via a web browser. The interface is similar to Microsoft Outlook. You can send and receive mails, check your schedule, setup meetings and tasks. The mails that you compose and receive using Outlook Web Access (OWA) will also be available on your mobile phone and mail client if you have configured them with your Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2007 account. These are the advantages of Microsoft’s Hosted Exchange 2007 technology that is all about simplifying communication and collaboration.
Using Microsoft Outlook Web Access, you will be able to find people in Address Book. OWA has been designed to cater to people who use Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2007 and want to access e-mails irrespective of the location. As all this happens from the browser, all the changes are registered with the Hosted Exchange 2007 server. If you have multiple hosted Exchange 2007 accounts, then you can access them from within your current OWA.

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