South Park Mac vs. PC vs. Linux

huber7 asked:

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The sequel to my popular video South Park Mac vs. PC. This time Linux joins in on the fun but Mac and PC are not amused…

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  1. xgotarox Says:

    lol.. darkmanLD.. what are you talking about? windows and mac are based from unix? ***? that’s one i haven’t heard before, and not true at all. check your sources.. also, windows doesn’t have directx, so it’s not just about “learning how.” it’s okay, though, because all the good games work just fine. that said, linux is very superior to win/mac, but needs a new gui so bad, that it’s actually FTL. windows 7 gui on top of linux? now that’s win ;)

  2. xXCanisLupusXx Says:

    OS X = BSD based crap
    Windows = Just Pure Crap
    Linux & Unix = Awesome opensource OS that can be anything you want it to be, for free. can do practically anything u can on a windows machine on a *nix machine

    *nix is the future,
    i mean its not like the worlds best supercomputer that broke the petaflop barrier runs on shitty vista or leapord…

  3. LordDestros Says:

    “windows and mac are based from unix”

    Not true. Mac OS X runs on XNU which is a mixture of the BSDs and Mach but Windows is based on NT which has little to no relation to Unix. MS had experimented with Unix in the past however when they released Xenix.

  4. TehSteak Says:

    i **** mac, they make it such a pain to get games

  5. XxXGoldblingXxX Says:

    No one is going to belive Windows users or Mac users until they learn to spell

  6. sunkaburningB Says:

    just answer the damn question! don’t be an *******!

  7. AKMetalmania Says:

    OMFG!! Have you ever used google before you ask these dumb kind of questions?

  8. sunkaburningB Says:

    what the **** is linux

  9. 19Danny95 Says:

    and what computer is huber7 using :D

  10. jamesfish05 Says:

    are you insane macs **** but the linux is fuckin awesome man Im so busy creating my own programs I dont go to he fucking bathroom any more man

  11. darkmanLD Says:

    Note to noobs :) windows and mac are based from unix wich ahem linux keeps improving and regarding the game movies and all that sure u can do it in linux. just learn how :) linux is open source = the win

  12. theconspiratordivine Says:

    Linux ftw. Damn small

  13. DusteDdekay Says:

    Sorry, but linux does actually play games, and it does professional videoediting (heroine virtual anyone??) oh, and spreadsheats? yup, we also have them over here on the light side xD

  14. snappleboy16 Says:

    i own a mac! there awesiome!

  15. lalitazzahra Says:

    mac is the best!

  16. Smoshisownage Says:

    hell yea

  17. Twgatana Says:

    What do we lern from it?

    Use Computer to work and relax with a Playstation!

  18. StevenK08 Says:

    It’s a fucking joke get over it.

  19. Douken Says:

    HAHAHAHA Brilliant lol

  20. hansjansen2 Says:

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  21. LukeXgamer Says:

    At least we can game without a sucky OS.

  22. papabugs71 Says:

    Get the f*ck outta here.

  23. hellsdaleagle Says:

    Wow. That wasn’t amusing at all… Linux does all of those things, and in most cases, better than either windows or mac…

  24. fragiggle Says:

    everything they asked linux to do it can, games (just use wine) it can play a lot of windows games whereas mac cant. spreadsheets and all of that stuff openoffice is like microsoft office. linux is for computer programers and not people that just know how to use a computer. but linux is for all kinds of people, not just programmers, it’s an operating system without restrictions so it can actually do way more stuff than windows or mac. it’s like a nice mix of the two. USE UBUNTU for beginners

  25. POWTAC Says:

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