Silicon Valley Linux Users Group – Kernel Walkthrough

Google asked:

Presentation by Warren Turkal

The Silicon Valley Linux Users Group hosts weekly sessions to walk through the code for the Linux Kernel, allowing newer users and developers to better understanding the operating system.

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  1. katata344 Says:

    lets start with main.c

    yeah that makes sense.

    if this guy asked me how to make a tuna sandwich i would give him a thorough explanation of the fishing industry

  2. blacky156 Says:

    the first 53 minutes is a complete waste of your time. this guy in the ponytail is a clown

  3. calebdorr Says:

    everybody complaining about the length of this vid just seem to want everything handed to them in a half second; and not take the time to actualy focus and pay attention to something for long enough to retain something useful. go watch a cartoon if you can’t handle something real.

  4. loveforboobies Says:

    This vid is a piece of crap. This guy doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about.

    Oh, and the boot signature’s offset is 510 (counting starts from 0). It’s the last word of the boot sector ONLY IF the sectors are 512 bytes long.

  5. content18 Says:

    btw they really need a cameraman

  6. content18 Says:

    lol yeah, at least the 7 first minutes out of 83 are only about organization ;) Why didn’t everyone leave during that time? ^^

  7. Cahuix Says:

    you watched 80 mins of bla! Either you are really bored or really sad.

  8. 54spiritedwill54 Says:

    A very interesting video :) this one’s awesome

  9. mdostay Says:

    This could have been great content if the speaker was actually a kernel developer and could speak to specifics. Too much hand-waving. That said, this is exactly the vehicle to explore something like linux, open and informal discussion, and lots of Q&A. Looking forward to future SVLUG vids.

  10. semiliteratedgod Says:

    start watching from 54:00

  11. UTubeXtra Says:

    nothing specific.. nothing technical

  12. cobracobra113 Says:

    80 minutes of
    blab bla la la
    blaaa balllaaa
    lab lab lala
    typical linux comunity….

  13. nil0lab Says:

    Thank goodness everyone isn’t like you. Nothing would ever get done because it would have to be “perfect” before it got released.

    It’s good to have the long version, and if you ever get off your *** it would be good to have your short version too.

  14. themostwanted4life Says:

    I could edit that video to 15 minutes, but since I had to watch it completely so I want everyone else too

  15. nil0lab Says:

    I’m tired of people who are better at complaining than contributing. Why don’t you upload your own tighter edit if that’s what you want?

  16. azzuwan78 Says:

    Good Stuff,
    I hope you guys will keep uploading stuffs.
    I wish I can join you guys at the SVLUG sessions.

  17. themostwanted4life Says:

    damn almost 83 mins?? **** thats a movie

  18. DAalienAVRILfan Says:

    no offence but why is it long???
    i have no time but it looks so interesting awws make shorter vidd next time!!!

  19. wiicow Says:

    join the club

  20. fireashes Says:


  21. semiliteratedgod Says:

    thx for posting I hope I’ll have 83 minutes for this soon:)
    But man, they are wasting the fucking time there @ Google Big Bro.

  22. mreyebrows66 Says:

    christ 82 minutes

  23. codeyman Says:

    THis is good.. I hope the videos of the second and third meetings are uploaded soon.

  24. n3i15 Says:

    this one’s awesome. I’ve always wanted to have a walkthrough kind of tutorial showing how linux kernel works as a whole.
    Thanks google.

  25. darkramjay05 Says:

    LoL lupet d ko pa napapanood ta3 ang baho ng trip nio!!!!


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