Sabayon Linux

lockergnome asked: – Sabayon Linux is a Live CD distribution of Linux that comes with all of the drivers and utilities you need to enjoy the Beryl 3D Linux desktop. How cool is that?

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  1. ferret6677 Says:

    OSX has nothing. It looks boring. Stupid silver bar that you can’t change.

  2. mrpcclass2 Says:

    Yes. I already made a Ubuntu Linux Live CD

  3. indokronik Says:

    Ubuntu Linux has better effects. You hear Chris say “Beryl,” the new hotness is “Compiz”

  4. mrpcclass2 Says:

    Where do you download Sabayon Linux? Please tell me.

  5. curiosoOO Says:

    Very very good

  6. thinkertux Says:

    when you install linux, you repartition your system..
    so….theres no way to get your data back.

  7. lucirz Says:

    you know he making mad money from these youtube videos right….notice how there are ads popping up on most of his videos, right in the middle of the video lol

  8. polopolo150 Says:

    yes, it’s the same..

    Compiz Fusion IS Beryl… Beryl and Compiz are matched and now it is Compiz Fusion.

  9. FrEeLaNcEr7878 Says:

    in live cd for sabayon 4 there was 3d effects but now when i installed the linux,every thing is gone
    any sugguestions in how can i bring it back again ???

  10. simonred11 Says:

    Awesome video man. Right now I have ubuntu intrepid. same effects

  11. familyguysimps Says:

    isn’t compiz fusion equally the same as what beryl gives you?

  12. GBArod Says:

    you realize he is married, and is loaded with money.

  13. dividedpixels Says:


  14. KaedanIR Says:

    Desktop effects?? I **** those things..

  15. KaedanIR Says:


  16. cynicalporkmonkey Says:

    man, his parents basement looks really nice!!!

  17. unragamuf Says:

    they don’t want to. if they make a program people will make a free alternative. some programs do work with linux. also their might be problem with versions and they would have to make it work with linux 2.4 not just the distro. you should make the switch. everything but most games will work or have free versions. it will cover all basics. big software companies are faceing a problem when more people find out about free alternatives and linux they are gone

  18. sk9utube Says:

    I’m downloading it. ***** Ubuntu.

  19. Whocaresifyoucare Says:

    This guy might be an everyday nice guy, but his videos are rather meaningless/pointless

  20. 1xxxxxxdreamxxxxxx1 Says:

    can someone tell me why big software companys are not writting for linux?, why don’t they start making linux versions of their software and sellling it as they would windows? as soon as this happens im moving to linux, please tell me someone as I have spent 2 hours googling and cant find out, reply to this comment!. thanks in advanced.

  21. photoallergic Says:

    is he ******* on 6:36?

    Okay, this was back in 2007, but how can someone in 2007 be that excited about an Ubuntu Live CD, because of *Beryl*? This is such an enervating gamer-style attitude. “Hey, i tried this Linux yesterday. Guess what: It has a real cool Desktop Cube, with real windows, like, windows with those cool effects, wobbling, an water-like, y’know? I think i’ll get a root server tomorrow.”
    Get back to your PS3.

  22. ZerqTM Says:

    Ubuntu for greate victory!

    (there is even a cola called Ubuntu cola in sweden… might be avalible in other contries too posibly)

    (note that ubuntu cola has nothing to do with the os its mearly a fair trade marked product)

  23. Cheesemonger222 Says:

    As much as I disapprove of his linux skills, knowing how to pronounce a program properly is not important to me.

  24. Cheesemonger222 Says:

    geesh this dude knows nothing

  25. bitlordraper Says:

    i totally agree :D lol


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