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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is essential in the management of any sales driven business and Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a solution to deliver management control over the entire business cycle from initial contact, pre-sale enquiries and meeting to sale and after sales servicing of clients in order to solidify the business relationship.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides modules for sales, marketing and customer service which are extremely “granular”, that is, you have the ability to drill down to the core components of your business performance to individual relationship activity or step back and take a macroscopic view of the overall performance.

It is self-evident that developing business relationships that bind your clients and customers to your business helps you to maximize revenue and enhance profitability. Microsoft Dynamics CRM places you in control of managing the business relationship with your clients, even in the most complicated of sales processes. This ensures you will be able to meet their needs and service requirements on time.

Managing the disparate activities of prospecting, marketing, initial enquiry handling through to sale completion is a difficult and complicated task which Microsoft Dynamics CRM simplifies with intuitive, easy-to-use features to empower management.

Business managers will be able to coordinate the business generating activities to obtain the most effective combined result for both the client and your company.

The ability to manage and control the business sales process implies that the there are measurable and identifiable deliverables produced, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides detailed reports of all business activities relating to each customer.

The ability to identify and target customers, comparison of effectiveness of various marketing activity and campaigns and the appropriate deployment of sales resources are provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and are extremely cost effective.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a seamless user experience as it integrates quickly and easily with other Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Office Outlook. As Microsoft designed Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Office Outlook in mind, users require less time and training resources to familiarize themselves with the tool.

Microsoft Office users, familiar with MS Excel spreadsheets and MS Word word processing, are quickly able to migrate data from these more familiar applications to and from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The result is that user adoption is widespread, making it faster and easier to integrate the program with others. Business users experience an increase in ROI due to widespread adoption of Microsoft CRM Software.
From the business user’s viewpoint, implementation is greatly simplified and disruption minimized as Microsoft Dynamics CRM not only adapts seamlessly with employee activity but it is easily manipulated to provide a bespoke CRM solution tailored to meet your current business practices.

Microsoft Dynamic CRM Software makes it easy to modify forms, data fields and how client relationship data is presented are readily adaptable.

The largest software company in the world develops Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft provides the security that this CRM solution, increasing the likelihood that it will be supported effectively and consistently in the future.

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