Linux Web Hosting: a Comparative View of the Web Hosting Server With Others

linux14 Linux Web Hosting: a Comparative View of the Web Hosting Server With Others
Smit Mathur asked:

Indeed, complex features, like e-commerce, database utilities and bulky dynamic pages invite different nature of web hosting requirements than a much simpler and lighter web site. Obviously small scale web masters cannot afford to surpass their budgetary constraints in order to chase technology at its latest. In the given scenario, triggers on the search for cheap and efficient web hosting services for across the board scales and sizes of websites by their respective web masters. And as the quest for cheap web hosting services assumes pace, all hopes turn to Linux web host services for obvious reasons.  

Linux web hosting, being an open source software product, is not only substantially cheaper, but also provides a lot of scope for customizations and enhancements at advanced stages. Apparently, Linux – based hosting is most popular with small scale business owners vying to make it big on World Wide Web.  

Delving deeper into the advantages of Linux hosting over windows –based hosting reveals that there are different layers of reasons that put Linux –based web host services over and above the Windows –based web host services.  

To begin with, the licensing fee for Linux hosting plan is way lower than Windows hosting that contributes to its cheaper status.  

Further, Linux web hosting servers can support much more complex nature of websites with equal ease as they sustain the simpler websites. What’s most noteworthy about it is that quality is not at all compromised in the process.

Also, a Linux hosting server is conveniently convertible to a Windows based website without any hullabaloo.  

Linux web host services are compatible with all kinds of web – based database systems, including My-SQL and MS-SQL. Likewise, all kinds of open source scripting languages like My-SQL, PHP and Perl can easily communicate with your website through Linux web hosting.  

Not to mention, the extent of security offered by Linux based web hosting services is matchless, as compared to any other hosting service.  

Given the breadth of advantages of Linux web hosting, coupled with both technology and ambitions on a rise; it is ubiquitously witnessed on a global scale that there are more companies working on the Linux hosting, than on any other web host services. Linux web hosting is an easily predictable future of all web host services, because it is safe, fast, friendly and cheap.

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