Linux Web Hosting – Too Many Positives to Ignore

linux124 Linux Web Hosting – Too Many Positives to Ignore
Smita Mathur asked:

Linux Web hosting has a history of prominence – helping millions world-wide with safe and secure hosting options. Net craft, the UK-based prominent internet monitoring company, has already reported that the eight of the ten most reliable web hosting companies of the world run Linux as the OS in their web servers. Let’s dig deep into the subject of why Linux is rapidly becoming the center of attraction for most world-wide.

1. Stability

Linux, the ‘UNIX-like’ OS is based on OpenSource architecture. That makes the source code readily available to peers for regular reviewing. The resultant effectiveness in spotting bugs and incorporation of effective codes to affect enhanced stability of the entire programming structure is not hard to imagine. Any assurance for ‘long uptime’ and ‘crash-proof’ server performance is another option that is ready to be enjoyed with every Linux Web hosting facility.

2. Security

Not just because the stability factor that leads to better solutions concerning to security of the Linux Web hosting variety, the availability of Apache HTTP web server offers several secure options that are too important to be ignored.

3. Ubiquitous ness and cost-effectiveness

LAMP; the computer software-web server combination that defines the architecture of Linux Web hosting service offers perfect instance of ubiquitous ness (as the entire package comes in a bundle with maximum Linux distributions).

The ubiquitous ness and innate OpenSource architecture makes the entire Linux Web hosting package highly cost-effective too.

Few words on LAMP

LAMP is an acronym for Linux (OS), Apache (web server), MySQL (database), PHP/Per/Python (scripting language) – the four essential ingredients that form the solution stack of technologies for successful structuring of Linux web hosting service.

Well, so it all ends up to a situation where you are to choose from Stability, security, ubiquitous ness and cost-effectiveness.

Wonder ever one got so many positives to choose from!

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