Linux Servers to Keep Your Website Up for 24 Hours

linux112 Linux Servers to Keep Your Website Up for 24 Hours
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Hosting makes you enable to be on internet, one of the more popular hosting plans is Linux Reseller Hosting. Unlimited domains can be hosted on Hi Speed Linux Servers. Linux system comes with tons of loaded features and some very popular control panels. If your requirements are PHP/My SQL then Linux hosting plan suits you best. Linux is known as the most dedicated services all around the world. It can be used for multi billion dollar business as well as for individuals.

Linux – The basics

Linux is a common name for various operating systems. Linux is marketed by various companies like Red Hat and Debian. Due to its compatibility with PHP Linux is proved to good for web servers. Linux is a stable operating system. Linux operating system is believed to be the most secure for web masters.

Advantages of Linux Web hosting are as follows:

Free or low cost software available

There are low cost or free software available for Linux web hosting plan such as APF, Firewall, Apache, Sendmail, BIND. Linux servers are not as easy as windows to operate.


Linux hosting plans are much cheaper than any other web hosting plans. This is because the low cost and free software available for Linux hosting plans. Windows server software is quite expensive as compared to Linux

The open source

Linux is an Open Source code, people from all over the world can contribute to its development. This fact has boosted Linux to take precedence over windows hosting. Linux now is known to be most versatile hosting server in the industry.

Most Stable Operating System

Linux is believed to be more steady, secured efficient and meets the requirements of challenging environments of Web servers. On Linux system all the requirements to make a class website are available. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP are being used together to provide the most well managed infrastructure to host a website on internet. Linux hosting is more compatible for updating an existing website or modifying it.

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