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When it comes to choosing the right Linux POS software for your business it is important that you know what the advantages and disadvantages are to be had from the Linux based ones. This is because there are so many different ones that you are now able to choose from. But first let us provide you with a brief explanation of what POS software is and why it is essential if you own any kind of retail business.

POS (Point of Sale Software) is used by retailers in order that they can calculate the sales that they make and helps them to operate the draw on the cash machine. Through out the day the software is able to add up the sales being made to provide a total for the owner of the business. Also it can figure out exactly what amount of the sales is made up of state sales tax and will also tell the assistant how much change they need to provide the customer with. Plus through out the day it will adjust the inventory that the store holds and take away the amount every time a particular item is sold.

Although there are a number of advantages to be had from using a Linux operating based POS software program but there are disadvantages as well. Below we will take a look at just what some of these are.


1. When the Linux based system has been properly configured you will discover that it will continue to run until such time as either the hardware within the computer itself fails or you choose to shut down the system.

2. Compared to Windows the chances of you suffering from any kinds of problems or glitches relating to viruses or bugs being able to gain access to the system are greatly reduced.

3. Because the Linux source code is actually freely available this can be extremely useful especially when looking to customize the system you are using and also to help deal and solve any technical problems that may occur.


1. Unfortunately the actual types of POS software available can be very limited, but this all depends on exactly what sort of retail business it is the person owns. So because of this the person may find that they are actually giving up some very good features that come with the Windows operating versions of these software programs.

2. You may well discover that the other types of retail software programs and applications that you currently use in your business will not work in conjunction with the Linux one. So it is important before you go ahead a purchase Linux POS software that you check thoroughly all the other applications you are using will work alongside it.

3. The other big disadvantage to be had if you choose to use a Linux POS software based system is that very few computer technicians actually know how this system works. This could leave you with a whole stack of problems if you are not able to find someone close to where your business is based to rectify the problems when they arise.

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