LINUX Data Recovery Post Fsck Error

linux63 LINUX Data Recovery Post Fsck Error
Kuldeep Kulmii asked:

In a LINUX system, any corruption or damage of the file system is dealt with running fsck utility. Though the utility repairs the corrupted file system, in some occasions, especially after an odd shut down, running fsck leads to more disastrous scenarios like data loss or inaccessibility of the hard disk. Sometimes, the situation is so worse that you have to recover the lost or inaccessible data from the valid backup or through any LINUX data recovery software.

The Problem:

While working on a LINUX operating system, if there happens any file system corruption or damage, fsck utility is used to check for the error and fix it. However, at times, fsck fails and flashes error messages. The affected drive or volume remains inaccessible and the error messages, which keep flashing on the screen may be as below:


A brief about ‘fsck’:

fsck is a system utility that comes with the LINUX operating system and is meant for checking, whether the file system is consistent or not. The utility can even repair the damaged or corrupted file system. Moreover, it interactively provides options to fix the damaged file system in a specified way or it automatically fixes specific problems without any user intervention. Usually, fsck is run by the system administrator, as the process of repairing by fsck can sometimes cause severe data loss and corruption.

Possible causes behind such problem:

The cause can be anything from a sudden power failure or electric power surge leading to an unsystematic system shut down.

The most possible way to successfully resolve the error is to format the LINUX system and make a fresh installation of the operating system. However, it is the data in the drive related to the troubled file system that holds more value than simply solving the error. Hence, in order to recover the inaccessible data from the drive or the volume, you need to take the help of any Fsck error recovery software.

Linux data recovery software are advanced utilities, that are meant to recover back the corrupted, damaged, deleted or inaccessible data from any LINUX based drive or volume. The software are developed with interactive GUI and are compatible with all most all currently available flavors of LINUX OS.

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