Linux Data Loss Due to Grub Corruption

linux60 Linux Data Loss Due to Grub Corruption
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When you run fsck on your Linux file system’s physical volume, sometimes you may encounter certain error messages. These error messages prevent you from accessing data from a particular volume.

In such situations, technical experts recommend to use ‘pacman’ tool to upgrade the kernel and reboot your system to complete the operation.

Pacman is a Linux tool that is used to manage the applications. It uses simple files in package format and organizes text-based package database. It is useful in adding, removing and upgrading packages in Linux system.

After updating the kernel, when you attempt to reboot the system, sometimes your system may get stuck during the boot process. In place of loading GRUB (Grand Unified Boot loader) and booting, your system just tries to process the required information, showing “loading GRUB” message.

In such situations, when you try to boot your system using floppy disk, you may encounter the following error message:

“ERROR: (device hda1): XT_GETPAGE: xtree page corrupt

ERROR: (device hda1): XT_GETPAGE: xtree page corrupt”
After this behavior, when you again run fsck, you encounter the following error message:

“Errors detected in Primary File/Directory Allocation Table.

File system object FF65726 linked as: /var/run/random-seed

File claims cross linked block(s).

Cannot repair FF65726.”

Subsequent execution of fsck also detects several errors but fails to fix them.


This problem generally occurs due to corrupted GRUB or file system of your Linux system. In both of these situations, to carry out Linux Recovery, you need to format your hard drive and install fresh copy of both these data structures.

Formatting may delete all of your stored data from hard drive and you need to go for third party Linux Recovery tools to get Linux Recovery done. These tools are very powerful and are able to perform  Data Recovery Linux in all situations of data loss.

Stellar Information Systems Limited, the leading data recovery company globally, provides Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery. It is the finest and most promising Linux Recovery software. It supports  Linux Data Recovery from Ext2, Ext3 and ReiserFS file system based volumes. Phoenix Linux Recovery is compatible with most of Linux distributions.

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