Linux at Dell

DellVlog asked:

U B unto Linux? Check out this Dell Linux video

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  1. rockwizclown Says:

    sure u can try mac os x, if you’re a communist.yes, try mac os x, if you’re stupid. of course, use mac os x, if you know nothing about computers. Use mac os x, if u want to use a computer that uses u.

  2. cyborgtroy Says:

    Well the lady is named Debian…
    So… yeah.

  3. Brainfuckinyourhead Says:

    Bobubuntu McFreeware

  4. thomashome05 Says:

    2:16 not using Ubuntu Linux there. OK I can understand using Windows on some desktops but come on using Windows to type a document. Dell is NOT serious about Linux. They release this useless propaganda. Dell are not not serious about. Also if you want a REAL OS try something called Mac OS X. Really I like Ubuntu but really how do you plan to say you like Linux if you don’t take it seriously like Google. I don’t care if your staff **** it tell them to learn there own hardware.

  5. DellVlog Says:

    Very much a joke.

  6. Dojan5 Says:

    I think this is a joke.
    Debian have you encountered any KERNEL’s (Linux is a Kernel) of knowledge.

    I’m a bit unsure, does she say “Thanks Gnome”? if so, GNOME is a popular window manager, used not only by Linux systems.
    And, as Amebixfan said, Debian Gnusome (Debian, popular Linux distro, GNU (GNU is Not Unix) has to do with open source).
    Many OpenSources of knowledge.
    So it is a joke, right?

  7. scilonthreat Says:

    there’s a typo, you switched Linux and Windows by accident.

  8. Ranguvar13 Says:

    I’m not part of Dell, but I do tech support, and I use Linux on all my machines.

    Linux is hard to fix if you’re new to it and know Windows, but if you’re experienced with both Windows and Linux, as I am, trust me – Linux presents FAR fewer problems, and is FAR easier to fix. Linux is actually logical, unlike Winblows or Mac.

  9. n00bf4rm Says:

    AGREED I do Tech Support and I am a Junior Systems Admin, I talk to and help people with issues, and most issues is because of their Button pushing abilities and their OS which is WINDOWS, BUT windows will never ever go away it has too big of a client base with the businesses. When i get home im realy happy to see that my linux box is still up and running, no viri, and no crashes, and HMMM i can still do everything that windows can do

  10. hossrex Says:

    If there is but one lie in this video (and trust me, there are multiple), its that technical support people DO NOT USE LINUX.

    Tech support people don’t want to come home and spend that much time making sure their operating system works. Thats what they do all day for retarded people.

    Tech support people either use Windows… or actually more often MacOS.

    Spend eight hours a day fixing stupid peoples computers. Would you want to come home and do the same for yourself?



  11. jeroeniskoning Says:

    Linux 4 life

  12. xXEduBuntuXx Says:

    xdd -..-

  13. Amebixfan Says:

    Debian GNUsome LOLOLOL

  14. 1l2nb Says:

    thats fun

  15. ScionT2B Says:

    Ubuntu is on the Inspiron Mini

  16. wolffangalchemist Says:

    hey UbuntuLee great commercial huh? =D

  17. wolffangalchemist Says:

    just more proof linux (specificly Ubuntu) is gonna go main stream soon.

  18. UbuntuLee Says:

    Linux owns all!

  19. 13thpersoncomedy Says:

    can i get one of these linux laptops to middle east?

  20. DellVlog Says:


  21. insanity54 Says:

    Is this an official Dell video? If so, It looks like Dell would be a fun place to work!

  22. edwin768 Says:

    I work at Auto Zone and we use Red Hat on Dell Machines

  23. Whack78 Says:

    debian gnusome? Good lord, try harder next time

  24. 22dedeurwaerder Says:

    Debian is a distribution! anyway, learn, learn, learn…..and have FUN!

  25. 22dedeurwaerder Says:

    you are right! that’s the plot!


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