Linux and Windows Evolution

mauricioph asked:

This is my video about these two OS and their history. Sorry but you will find some mistakes like the word “Evolution” I miss spell it “Evolutuion” (yargh!!), I wrote about the dates of the releases of KDE but my intention was the Linux’s kernels (I didn’t find)… and some others, but anyway!!! enjoy!!

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  1. tmsbrdrs2 Says:

    Try it. The vid’s actually really close to my own experiences with the two OS’s. I’m betting you’ve only tried one.

  2. Bik3rboyRR Says:

    shut up! try Ubunto or Mint and talk but only after trying!
    Linux is free don’t crash all the time and is much more beautiful.

  3. Thi0u Says:

    Linux user frienly ? ahah, only associal geeks use it…

  4. evolx10 Says:

    Alas linux does come with a steep curve and its own problems, but then again its not forcing itself on everyone like a dirty toothless ***** with multiple stab wounds and vd sores that were just covered with tape after being filled with lots of distractions.

  5. sorrentognu Says:

    mmmmm well im linux user and i see how windows is very crap and thats not make linux better but anyway its only a linux fan video

  6. ComputerKid117 Says:

    Your just saying Windows *****. FANBOYS ARE *****.

  7. juanmartinez1985 Says:

    wich linux is the one with 3d wallpaper?

  8. LCNitro Says:

    HHAHAHHA muito engraçado cara…
    Mais eu estou com o Vista Ultimate a 4 meses e ainda não tive tela azul… acho que esses pcs q eles testam são umas porcarias :D Só pode ser

  9. colapse Says:

    ahm… not kinda unfair just show bugs? i thought that was a video with features of both OS.

  10. Zest07 Says:


  11. giovanifm1984 Says:

    Luta? eu não precisei nem ir ao site do fabricante e baixar, simplesmente selecionei o driver em meu gerenciador de pacotes e reiniciei o computador. Descontando o tempo de download, demorou uns dois minutos, no máximo.

  12. joseasbarbosa Says:

    que vídeo mais ridículo…

    No mínimo, deveria mostrar a luta que é pra instalar um driver de placa de vídeo (nao estou falando nem de um periferico raro) na bosta do Linux!

    Coisa de quem tem ódiozinho da grana do Bill Gates e é pobre demais pra ter um Mac!

  13. elitondimer Says:

    OMG , this video its sensasionalist

  14. alexnmoya Says:

    Compiz is cool, but not very useful. ¿Fire on the screen? Woooaaa!! :-P

  15. fmpfmp27 Says:

    Very funny. :-)

  16. cidcarioca Says:

    I like linux but… where´s the games and licensed programs??
    Dont live without Autocad, matlab, C4D, games etc

    If the

  17. TheProphetCries Says:

    Linux is and always will be a system for nerds, convinced of their “superior” choice on looking down on anyone else.

    That is what you can’t show on a video but everyone know it to be true.

  18. areiannet Says:

    Biased much?

  19. LTS1287 Says:

    Archlinux, ftw
    Also, Conan was having a field day

  20. 6r0tt0 Says:

    hahahahaah q vergüenza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pobre Billi jajjajajaj

  21. crazeepieman Says:

    thanks mate,

  22. IamtheVOICE123 Says:

    i think what you should have done is that you should taken the versions of vista, xp, and so forth and actually shown what it could do, instead of development releases in introductions

  23. IamtheVOICE123 Says:

    I loved how you showed off Linux which is great but I have to say the point with microsoft is pretty damn biased, the reason why Lunix excels so much im thinking is because its open source, meaning you have a whole community of people who spent their entire lives improving Linux, whereas with Microsoft you have only bill gates being their for past, present and future of microsoft, everyone comes and goes, but its also i see their competitor apple, and them releasing it before finish

  24. renno99 Says:

    HAHAHA and bill woke up with aple computer :P pricelss :P

  25. mauricioph Says:

    The first is Twisted Nerve – Bernard Herrmann and the second is Battle Without Honor or Humanity – Tomoyasu Hotei


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