Learning to Make your Points Powerfully – Distance Learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Courses

Microsoft127 Learning to Make your Points Powerfully   Distance Learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Courses
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If you are familiar with the Windows environment, then distance learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 courses can provide you with the tools you need to communicate effectively and picturesquely. Microsoft’s statistics reveal that more than thirty million presentations are made everyday and this tool has proven invaluable to those who want to organize, illustrate and deliver ideas effectively using pictures, animations and graphics. You can make your presentations in a classroom, conference hall or at a teleconference with ease! You can hold your audience spellbound while you help them focus on issues with every slide and drive home your points sequentially. The play of light and sound will mesmerize your audience and they will leave your presence with confidence in your ideas and your handouts in their folders.

Content of the Course
Distance learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 students will need to build up an understanding of how the software works. The courses are designed to impart the necessary skills by simulating the entire process and enabling the students to understand the concepts over the duration of the course. Beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses are available for those who do not want to plunge into the process of learning at one shot. Students can learn to use this tool individually and in groups. Most of the courses begin with introductory lessons on features of PowerPoint 2000 such as the interface elements including slide sorters, outlines and views; presentation basics such as setting background and foreground colors, inserting animations and pictures, inserting transitions, creating custom slide shows and so on. Once the student has mastered these, he is taken through the process of working with text, modifying outlines, creating handouts, making notes, integrating with charts and other Microsoft Office products. Finally the students learn how to integrate audio and video with their presentation and pack the presentation for transmission over the internet or on CDs.

Universities and Institutions

The Florida Gulf Coast University and the Central Connecticut State University provide innovative distance learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 courses apart from courses on other Microsoft Office tools. The Southwestern University also provides Microsoft Office Training on all office Tools including Microsoft PowerPoint 2000. ICS Learn has an extensive course on Microsoft Office 2000 leading up to Microsoft Office Specialist Certification and Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 is one of the topics under this course. KnowledgeNet, SkillPride Online Training and a number of similar institutions provide courses on Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for its students.

If you are holding a job that demands a lot from you in terms of presenting facts and ideas to your seniors and colleagues, it is important that you acquire the all impressive skill of using this tool to convey your ideas. Distance learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 courses will help you learn while you continue working at your career!

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