Installing Linux on PS3 Pt2

jupiterbroadcasting asked:

Time to install Linux on the PS3. I cover the Linux installation, performance, and my final thoughts.
Distro I used:
My PS3:
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  1. vettacossx Says:

    thanx chris very informitive…subscribed and went to visit godaddy for the first time because of this ps3 linux vid kickin *** man kudos!

  2. BatDude27 Says:

    PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!!
    on vista theirs this fueture called readyboost and that allows me to use a memery card or a usb flash drive as a ram now is their something like that in linux if their is then its great becouse then i can increase my ram to about 4 gb!


    hello i got a few question hopefully u can aswer them lol err can i still play my games can i still type with my pad and install lime wire

  4. manutdkid09 Says:

    this was a lil similar to installing vista on the psp… i wish they would make special OS’s for the playstation

  5. luke255 Says:

    I’m a Mac user and haven’t run into any restrictions as of yet, I am just curious what you’re referring to there.

  6. bbatnorsborg Says:

    Thanks Chris, I tested OpenSuSE on PS3, it was about the same result, slow and not very useful.
    But I have heard that Yellow Dog can open the blue ray, so you can stream br movies to your network and rip them :-)
    Normally I can’t stand lock in, DRM and other restrictions of the owner so I never use windows or mac, but in the PS3 I can accept it since it’s just a toy, nothing that I’m depended on for my daily life. So the question is, do we need linux on a full DRM platform? I think not.

  7. kaldor75 Says:

    Hi Chris,
    what about an episode about installing Linux on PS2?

  8. jupiterbroadcasting Says:

    Check the FAQ of the Distro you installed. if it is PSUbuntu they have a guide on their website for the commands.

  9. CrackBabyG Says:

    what do you got to type to get back to the ps3 start menu?

  10. TheRedneckAtheist Says:

    Sonic, think about it.

    What happens to any data on a disk that has been formated?

  11. fannypenis Says:

    its nvidia in a ps3 not ati….

  12. axelbromer Says:

    yeah i thought it was windows too, i hope they manage to make the ps3 able to run on windows so that people could have a great pc for a lot cheaper than regular versions

  13. MrBearProd Says:

    You know you can get one of these for free? You’ll need to sign up for a free trial (I suggest netflix) and then get some other people to do it too, I’ve already gotten an xbox 360 from one of these before. Here’s my referral link (remove the spaces!!) ht tp:/ /ps3s. free pay . co m/? r=46451439

  14. coulditbekronau Says:

    Its a OS like winows and mac OS but unline windows it bearly uses any power people can evin get linux running on a Ipod and other MP3 players also it cant do as much as windows and its normaly used for programmers ect

  15. fenix1300 Says:

    yeah np. but this guy does not know what he is talking about. as of 2007 there is a completely free version of yellow dog that does not run through emulation. the only thing about it, at least that last time I checked, is that you are completely locked from the GPU so you are restricted from 3d gaming. developers are working to unlock it though. so yeah the yellow dog linux is actually what this guy was looking for!!!

  16. UnPlaystation Says:

    oh, oops sorry.

  17. fenix1300 Says:

    sorry but that is not actually Windows, that is an emulation running through Linux.

  18. LiamHere2K8 Says:

    Hi Chris i am wondering what i could you Linux for, see i have a 160gb harddrive nd i got nothing to do with it. but is linux like windows? or can i do something good with it?

  19. sonic2005018 Says:

    when u format the ps3 will that delate any music and videos that u have saved

  20. 911SpArTaN714 Says:

    what does linux do?

  21. CrazyJimKU Says:

    wow…how big is your tv? lol

    tnx for tut

  22. UnPlaystation Says:

    your wrong, sorry. But if you simply just look on youtube, windows does run on ps3

  23. link5283returns Says:

    whats the point of getting linux on ps3?

  24. jupiterbroadcasting Says:

    No, the type of CPU in the PS3 Windows can not run on..


  25. teddymanfromjamaica2 Says:

    chris can u install windows too


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