Improve Your Customer Relations With Microsoft CRM 4.0 From Genesis Communications

Microsoft45 Improve Your Customer Relations With Microsoft CRM 4.0 From Genesis Communications
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 Genesis Communications are pleased to announce the launch of hosted Microsoft CRM 4.0. This new product has a host of features which can help businesses to manage customer services operations more effectively and efficiently

For any business, no matter what industry or sector, the ability to communicate well with customers is essential.

Showing that you have taken the time to get to know your customer base demonstrates that you take your commitment to customer service seriously.

Illustrating that you know your clients well will make them feel confident in the services that you provide. Making your customers feel valued is one way that you can ensure a high level of retention.

Microsoft CRM 4.0 helps you to do just that. Here are just some of the features which will help your business to streamline and improve its customer relations:

· A centralised, customisable view of your customer’s preferences and your correspondence history allows you to build better relationships and understand the needs of your clients.

Quickly and easily log and resolve service issues with instant access to customer service details such as FAQs and customer history.



Manage support incidents with a fully automated process including comprehensive case management and communications tracking



Share resources between employees, with a knowledge base of articles which can be organised by



With full integration with Microsoft Outlook, you can use CRM 4.0 as an extension of this service for ease of use. Alternatively, users have access to a customised interface.

Microsoft CRM 4.0 can help all aspects of your business, from direct consumer relations such as sales, marketing and customer services to human resources, training and development of staff.

Hosted CRM 4 has some major improvements over CRM 3. Here are some examples

The user interface has been vastly improved for a much better user experience

New features make it easier for non-technical users to create and customise reports
Users can now create, find and implement workflows more easily and effectively

Improved offline / online synchronisation of data means that offline amendments automatically update the main CRM system when the user next logs on.


A spokesperson for Microsoft Gold partners and hosted CRM 4.0 suppliers Genesis Communications had this to day, “effective CRM systems are a great way to effectively manage your customer services department. It is no surprise that consumers go back to companies which offer great service and using Microsoft CRM 4 has helped thousands of businesses to achieve this.”

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