Getting A Job With Help From Microsoft Office

Microsoft24 Getting A Job With Help From Microsoft Office
Rich Talbot asked:

Getting a new job can often be just as challenging and stressful as being employed! When job hunting, you have a large number of contacts to keep track of, CVs and covering letters to write, interviews to prepare for and appointments to keep. Learning how to use Microsoft Office applications to improve this process will help you become more organised and well prepared, giving you a real advantage over other applicants.

Job Applications

If you use Microsoft Word, creating your CV and covering letters need not be a time consuming task. Template documents can be quickly and easily prepared, and these can then be simply amended for specific job applications. The array of formatting options available can be used to give your documents an individual and professional look. Basic templates for these documents are available so that you can avoid the daunting prospect of having to start with a blank page.

Microsoft Outlook has far more to offer than its main use as an e-mail application. The calendar, task and contact management parts of the program enable the contact details of prospective employers, together with details of any appointments and interviews that have been arranged, to be stored and managed in one central location.

It is increasingly common to be required to undertake some sort of presentation as part of the interview process. The nature of such presentations and the amount of research and preparation required will vary depending on the nature of the job. In all cases the quality with which the information is presented will be key. Hand drawn overhead projector slides or typed out handouts are no longer acceptable. Having knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to create clear, easy to read slides that can include charts, photos and graphics. Not only will these be a great aid in getting your message across but they demonstrate your professionalism and make you stand out from the crowd.

However, remember to keep it simple. Nobody likes ‘death by powerpoint’.

Demonstrating Skills

Acquiring and developing new skills is a great way to make your CV shine above others. Most people will say they have some knowledge of the various Microsoft Office applications but providing proof of your proficiency demonstrates this fact. The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is an internationally recognised qualification that provides proof of the user’s competency in a range of Microsoft Office skills. Obtaining such qualifications makes you much more marketable.


Using the various Microsoft Office applications can be of great help throughout the process of applying for and obtaining the job you are seeking. By aiding and improving the management of contact details and information, combined with improved quality of submitted or presented material, Microsoft Office simplifies the process and greatly increases your chances of success.

These skills can be obtained by taking online E-learning courses or by attending instructor-led Microsoft training courses offered by certified companies.

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