Features of Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003

Microsoft147 Features of Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003
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The Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003 includes five programs integrated into one solution: Word 2003, Excel 2003, PowerPoint 2003, Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager and Publisher 2003.

Track Your Business Contact Information in One Familiar Place

Use Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager (an add-on to Outlook 2003) to manage all your contacts in one place. You can easily track information about sales opportunities, accounts and individual business contacts.
Manage Sales Leads and Opportunities

Stay on top of opportunities and maximize sales by effectively tracking leads using Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager. Create a contact page containing essential information for every business opportunity; set reminders, rules or alerts to follow up; and store other data as the customer relationship grows.

Create and Publish Impressive Sales and Marketing Materials

Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 can help you easily create compelling sales and marketing publications for print, web and email use. Promote your business with professional-quality newsletters, brochures, websites, marketing email messages, catalogues and other materials that you can create in-house.

Build Publications from a Database

Use the Catalogue Merge Wizard in Publisher 2003 to create a publication. In just a few clicks, the wizard merges images and text from another source — such as Microsoft Excel 2003 — to produce a publication. This tool also helps create catalogues, price lists, address books, directories, datasheets and other publications that get updated frequently.

Efficiently Connect with Your Customers Online

Publisher 2003 can help you create and send attractive email publications or newsletters that look great whatever email program your recipients use. Plus, you can create a web presence for your business with the new Easy Web Site Builder wizard.

Create Multimedia Presentations

Create compelling multimedia presentations with streaming audio and video using PowerPoint 2003. It offers playback controls, static and streaming audio and video formats and full-screen video presentations during slide shows. And, you can publish your presentation to the web or copy it onto a CD using the Package for CD feature.

Handle Email Messages More Efficiently

Respond to changing business conditions quickly with enhanced Outlook 2003 email capabilities. With improvements such as the larger reading area, Mail Desktop Alert, Quick Flags and Search Folders, you will spend less time reading, organizing, sifting through and responding to email messages.

Help Increase Security and Privacy While Reducing Junk Email Messages and Viruses

Increased security measures in Outlook 2003 can reduce the time spent managing your email. Take advantage of enhancements that can block incoming messages containing viruses, prevent Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) images from validating your email address and stop junk email messages cluttering your Inbox.

Access Templates, Clip Art, Training Courses and How-to Articles

Microsoft Office Online provides helpful tools and resources, including how-to articles, training, templates, clip art and product updates. These timesaving tools can help your employees increase productivity and get the most out of Office 2003 and other Microsoft Office System products.

Share Information Internally and With Business Partners

Improve communication among your employees and partners with shared workspaces created from programs in Microsoft Office 2003 Editions. Based on Microsoft Windows Share Point Services, these collaboration websites provide a single spot where virtual teams can work together in real time to share, modify and review files.

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